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Heather Riggs

Heather Riggs is an antagonist from "Undercover Blue", episode 14.17 of Law & Order:  SVU.

She was portrayed by Robyn Rikoon.


Heather Riggs is a former prostitute who works as a pole dancing instructor, ahd her backstory revealed that she met Brian Cassidy while he was working undercover, posing as Rick, the bodyguard for Andre Larouche (Heather's pimp). Andre ordered Rick to "break in" Heather - who went by the name, Brooklynn - but unbeknownst to Andre, Brian never touched Heather. After Andre was arrested, Heather became a pole-dancing instructor, working for Bobby Navarro. It was during the events of the episode that Heather learned that Rick was actually Detective Brian Cassidy, when he was in the news regarding the Bart Ganzel case. She told this to Bobby, who was also her lover, and that prompted the pair to devise a lucrative scheme that involved suing the city to pay for Bobby's gambling debts.

The scheme had Heather falsely accuse Brian of raping her while he was working undercover, with the scheming villainess making the claim in the beginning of the episode. With the help of Bobby, Heather had knowledge of a scar on Brian's inner thigh, and used that in her claim, which she repeated when she testified during Brian's trial. The couple's scheme was revealed and foiled when SVU arrested Bobby for drug trafficking during their own undercover job, after which Bobby revealed everything. After Olivia Benson overheard Bobby's confession, she asked Heather if his statements were true, with Heather revealing that they were. She confessed and admitted that Brian never touched her and that he was nice to her, and she even told another prostitute about Brian's kindness to her. As a result, the charges against Brian Cassidy were dropped, and Heather was arrested (off-screen) for her villainous role in the scheme.