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The Heavy Magician is a major antagonist in the video game Sonic Mania and one of the four secondary antagonists (alongside the Heavy Gunner, Heavy Shinobi, and Heavy Rider) of it's expansion DLC, Sonic Mania Plus. She is also a minor character in the Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary comic book published by IDW Publishing. She is one of the Hard-Boiled Heavies; an elite group of robots built by Dr. Eggman who were all empowered by the Phantom Ruby and serve their leader, the Heavy King. She is fought in Mirage Saloon Zone.


Sonic Mania

She was originally a penguin magician that was captured by Dr. Eggman and placed into one of his elite EggRobo Badniks that took orders from Dr. Eggman. However, after the Heavy King extracted the Phantom Ruby located under the ground, She, along with the rest of the elite Egg-Robos, had the animals inside them fuse with their AI, with each animal's individual personality reflected in their appearance. Thus, they transformed into the Hard-Boiled Heavies, and took away the Phantom Ruby.

She is not seen again until the player reaches Mirage Saloon Zone, where she acts as the main antagonist in both acts. In Act 1, she is merely an annoyance, hindering Sonic and creating various illusions. Eventually, she creates the Uber Caterkiller, the miniboss of the zone. After Sonic and Tails defeat the Uber Caterkiller, the Heavy Magician turns into one of the Hooligans, and damages the Tornado.

In the second act, She fought Sonic and Tails by herself, creating various illusions and turning into a random member of the Hooligans to attack Sonic. Like all of the previous Hard-Boiled Heavies, she was defeated.

She later appears again in the final battle as the Phantom Magician. Unlike the other Phantom Heavies, her appearance did not change at all. She fought Sonic and co. once again, but was unable to beat them.

Sonic Mania Plus

The Heavy Magician was the one who retrieved the remains of the rest of the Hard-Boiled Heavies, reviving them using the Phantom Ruby. It is unknown if she was still the Phantom Magician at this time, considering her appearance does not change at all.

She has the same role as in Sonic Mania, hindering Sonic and co. as the third Hard-Boiled Heavy to be fought.


The Heavy Magician wears a yellow jacket with a black and white tuxedo under her chest. She also wears a yellow top-hat with a red band, a red bowtie, grey appendages, and a black lower torso. Like every other EggRobo, she has black eyes, red iris with a hint of yellow around them, and black pupils, as well as a flat jaw fastened down by gray bolts. Her "cheeks" resemble pinball flippers, and has a pair of bumpers on her belt line.


It is unknown what the personality of the penguin inside of her was, aside from being a magician. Although the EggRobo, after being enhanced by the Phantom Ruby, became insane like all of her colleagues, now known as the Heavy Magician. In addition to her already insane behavior, She commands tricks and illusions as she is a mystic performer. She is also shown to be loyal to the other Heavies, as she retrieved their remains and revived them with the Phantom Ruby.


  • During her fight, the Heavy Magician transforms into one of the Hooligans.
  • She is arguably the most recurring Hard-Boiled Heavy aside from the Heavy King, as she is the only one who hinders Sonic and his friends before her actual fight, and is the one who revives the rest of the Heavies. It is possible that she is the second-in-command of the Hard-Boiled Heavies due to her loyalty.


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