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The Heavy Shinobi is a major antagonist in Sonic Mania and one of the four secondary antagonists (alongside the Heavy Gunner, the Heavy Magician and the Heavy Rider) of it's DLC expansion Sonic Mania Plus. He is also a minor character in the Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary comic book published by IDW Publishing. He is one of the Hard-Boiled Heavies, an elite group of robots built by Dr. Eggman who were all empowered by the Phantom Ruby and serve their leader, the Heavy King. He is fought in Press Garden Zone.


Sonic Mania

Heavy Shinobi was originally an obedient Egg-Robo who served Dr. Eggman. However, after the Heavy King extracts the Phantom Ruby from below the ground, he, along with the rest of the elite Egg-Robos, had the animals stuck inside of them fuse with their AI, with each animal's individual personality reflected in their appearance. Thus, they transformed into the Hard-Boiled Heavies, and took away the Phantom Ruby.

Heavy Shinobi isn't seen again until Press Garden Zone Act 2, where he surprise attacks Sonic and his friends. During the battle, he jumps around the stage, firing his Asterons at Sonic and attacking him with his sword that freezes Sonic upon touching it. However, he is unable to stop Sonic and is eventually defeated.

Heavy Shinobi later returns during the final battle in Titanic Monarch Zone, now rebuilt and modified as the Phantom Shinobi, where he now shoots out shuriken-like blades at Sonic and rolls around his arena. His battle, however, is short-lived and fails to defeat Sonic.

Sonic Mania Plus

Shortly after the events of Sonic Forces, the Phantom Shinobi was revealed to have been destroyed after the final battle in Titanic Monarch Zone and his remains had been left on Angel Island. However, with Classic Sonic's return, the Heavy Magician, who was able to survive being destroyed, steals the Phantom Ruby and gives it to the Phantom King, reviving him and the Phantom Heavies, but reverting them back to their pre-Phantom forms.

Heavy Shinobi maintains the same role as he did in Sonic Mania, trying to eliminate Sonic and his friends, only to be destroyed once more after the final battle in Titanic Monarch Zone.


After stumbling upon the Phantom Ruby, the Heavy Shinobi was given a makeover, giving him the appearance of a green haori. He has a yellow triangular cross-pattern chest piece which also appears on his hand and feet cuffs. He has a black bottom torso, red eyes, gray appendages and green zōri-like forefeet. To keep the ninja aesthetic, he also wears a dark green scarf.

Phantom Shinobi

As the Phantom Shinobi, just like the Phantom Gunner, the Phantom Shinobi maintains the main appearance of the Heavy Shinobi, with the main difference being his missing limbs; these limbs are replaced by eight green blades with yellow tips that are connected together onto Phantom Shinobi's body by a gray line. The overall design of him gives it the appearance of a shuriken.


Like the rest of the Hard-Boiled Heavies, he is shown to be rebellious and reckless. However, being the ninja of the Heavies, he is stealthy, elegant, elusive and only strikes at the most opportune time. But just like the rest of his allies, he wishes to destroy Sonic and friends whether he takes orders from Eggman or by his own chaotic nature.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ninja skills: Heavy Shinobi, being a ninja, is capable of jumping to great heights and distances, being agile enough to perform somersaults. He is also able to balance his own weight on one foot like an actual ninja.


  • Asterons: Heavy Shinobi carries an infinite supply of shurikens that explode when touching the ground.
  • Sword: Heavy Shinobi's main weapon is a sword which is capable of freezing anything that the blade comes into contact with.



  • Heavy Shinobi's sound effects come from The Revenge of Shinobi.
  • Since ice is weak to fire, his boss battle can be made easier with the Fire Shield, since the fire makes the player immune to ice.
  • While it is unknown what animal is inside Heavy Shinobi, it apparently owned a ramen shop.


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