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Dr. Koenig was a collegue of Johnathan and Dolores Vale in Ashton Biotechnics that became the metahuman known as Heavyman. He was an advesary of Static in the Static Shock series.

He is voiced by Ron Perlman, who also voiced Slade in Teen Titans, and Clayface in Batman: The Animated Series.


Dr. Koenig and his partners tried to work on a project that would allow living cells to absorb more effectively by skipping through the process of metabolism. The project failed and the Vales moved on to another project. Dr. Koenig instead experimented on himself which succeed, give him super-strength and the ability to absorb mass from other objects. Unfortunately he gain a hunger feeling that would make him absorb more mass which make him heavier and tougher. Heavyman wanted to stop himself from getting any heavier so he kidnapped his old collegues the Vales and forced them to make a cure. He also stole from several chemical labs for the components that were need to build a pressure chamber and a cure. Heavyman was given the cure while under pressure in the pressure chamber but it destroyed the chamber.

Heavyman wanted to kill the Vales for the project's failure by activating a collar he attached to them earlier that would inject poison into their system. Heavyman activated the collar, deploying the chemicals into the doctor's system. She-Bang arrived three minutes later and fought Heavyman. Although she was unable to defeat Heavyman, Static and Gear arrived to help her defeat the scientist. While Static fights Heavyman, Gear and She-Bang tried to release the collars off She-Bang's parents. Static fired nova-blasts at the metahuman but Heavyman absorbed them. Static tried to bury him with a pile of cars but Heavyman absorbs all of them much to the shock of Static. Heavyman falls through the parking garage's floor and several floors beneath it when he tried to kill Static. Because he absorbed too much, Heavyman fell to the bottom, pinned down by his own weight and could not move as he had too much density. Heavyman was arrested by the police and was delivered to prison.


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