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Hecate is a villain in the Hellboy comics. She is the goddess of witches


Hecate's origins were kept as a mystery in most of the Hellboy storyline only revealed in darkness calls.She was born from the shadow out of the moon and delvived from a wolf.She had spent many years mastering the dark arts of magic.

She first appears in the story Wake the devil where she appears as the mother of Vladimir another recurring villain in the Hellboy comics and in the year 1942 where she first met Hellboy. She had became infacutated with the half demon as they share the same destiny of bringing the Apocalypse but Hellboy refuses which caused them to fight but she late escapes. Hecate Made  her second appear in the stoy Conuqer Worm.

Hecate is also the main antagonist of the animated movie Hellboy Blood and Iron where she was voiced by Cree Summer.

Powers and ablities

Hecate is a powerful witch that manages to go toe-to-toe with Hellboy.

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