Hector Baboso is a villain in TimeSplitters 2.


Early Life

Hector Baboso was the son of an unnamed Saloon girl in the mid 19th century. Growing up, Hector was exposed to the saloon where his mother worked. He witnessed many events such as bar fights. When Hector reached full adulthood, he left his mother's care and started a new life.

Time in Prison

One day, Hector was sent to jail for committing a series of hold-ups. He shared his jail cell with another outlaw: Mikey Two-guns. They instantly became best friends.

Escape from Prison

Hector and Mikey were freed from jail by a man known as the Colonel. He promised to give them wealth in exchange for their services. They accepted the offer without hesitation.

Serving the Colonel

As promised, the Colonel provided Hector and Mikey with riches for their service. The local Sheriff, Ramona Sosa, was overpowered by the combined forces of the outlaws and the Colonial. Hector and Mikey continued to serve the Colonel who dominated Little Prospect.


A bounty hunter, Elijah Jones, entered the town of Little Prospect to rescue Ramona and restore the town's law. He encountered Hector at the local mines. Hector - along with Mikey and the Colonel - was killed by Elijah in a gunfight.


  • Hector Baboso is a Spanish name. In English, it means "Hector Stupid" or "Stupid Hector".