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Go ahead, draw your weapon. Can you use it against me? Will you even try? A man becomes no better than a senseless beast the first time that he wields a gun.
~ Hector Doyle to one of the prison guards

Hector Doyle is a character from the anime and manga series Baki. He is one of the main antagonists of the Most Evil Death Row Convicts saga.



Not much is known about Hector Doyle's life prior to being an assassin for hire. It is likely one of those assassinations went wrong and was what landed him on death row.

Most Evil Death Row Convicts

In a moment of synchronicity, Hector Doyle and four other death row convicts escape their prisons and head to Tokyo all with one goal; to know defeat. Hector Doyle is present when the convicts meet Baki, Tokugawa, Doppo Orochi, Kaioh Retsu, and Shibukawa where the rules for their fights are established; anything goes.

Hector Doyle later confronts Baki again at his school by crashing into his classroom through the window. Knowing Baki by reputation, Doyle challenges him to a fight. Baki briefly fights him before running.

Doyle later appears disguised as a female cop at the police station to ambush Biscuit Oliva, who had been hired to apprehend the escaped convicts. After a difficult fight, Doyle gets the upper hand and incapacitates Oliva.

Doyle later enters the Shinshinkai building and sets off an explosive that destroys the dojo. During his escape, Doyle is approached by Retsu and engages him in a fight. Though both are heavily wounded, Doyle manages to subdue Retsu, but when he sees some random thugs trying to pickpocket an unconscious Retsu, Doyle chases them off and protects Retsu until the morning. After Doyle himself falls unconscious, Retsu returns the favor by carrying Doyle back to what is left of the Shinshinkai building. Katsumi Orochi, the Shinshinkai's top student, consistently knocks out Doyle in retaliation for destroying the building and causing his burn marks, but admires his perseverence to withstand even his most powerful attacks. After enough, Doyle admits defeat and slowly befriends Katsumi, teaching him Shinshinkai Karate techniques and earning his black belt.

Katsumi helps Doyle leave the country to start anew, but Doyle is attacked by Yanagi, who mocks what he perceives as weakness for straying from his killer instinct. Although Doyle gets away alive, Yanagi manages to blind him in one eye. Doyle hides out in a cave offshore until Biscuit Oliva finds him. Oliva gives Doyle one final defeat before officially capturing him.

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