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Hector Lopez was the active leader of Los Carnales, inheriting control of the gang from his father and the overarching antagonist in Los Carnales arc in Saints Row. Hector actively represented the gang, and as chief of Los Carnales, he was recognized as a ruthless gangster who was never shy to declare war against his enemies.

He is voiced by Joaquim de Almeida, who also portrayed Bucho in Desperado.


Hector was known to treat any disrespect towards his gang as an act of war, whether it be gang hit-ups, rival gangs doing drive-bys or rivals being in the turf in general no challenge goes unanswered.

It was never explained what incident caused the wound which gave Hector his trademark facial scar and blinded him in one eye. Hector ran Los Carnales with an iron hand and depended heavily on the many criminal ventures Los Carnales were involved in, especially their most lucrative trades the drug market, mainly cocaine, which was referred to usually as "product" and the arms trade Hector carved his gang's reputation and name into the minds of his rivals by ordering unrepentant gun violence to be carried out against their territories resulting in gangland killings. He was also willing to lead the gang into full fledged war at any cost.

Demonstrating this after a few altercations with the 3rd Street Saints, Hector declared war on the Saints and demanded the utter destruction of Saints Row. Hector Lopez was killed during a meeting at the docks, an assassination plot planned by 3rd Street Saints lieutenant Dexter Jackson, in retaliation for the Carnales' invasion of Saint's Row. Dex's strategy had the added benefit of creating a rift between Los Carnales and the Colombian cartel that supplied them with their narcotics.


This article contains content derived from the "Hector Lopez" article on the Saints Row Wiki, licensed under CC-BY-SA.


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