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Hector Montoya, also known as El Rey (Eng: The King), is the Main antagonist of Season 3 of Criminal Case.

Serving as the leader of the Main Antagonistic Faction of the season, SOMBRA, He first presents himself as an Goodwill ambassador from Columbia aiding the Player and the Bureau, However, during the last cases of Season 3, it is revealed that he had been the Leader of SOMBRA With the ambition for taking over the world.


In his childhood, His parents were killed in a fire, which Hector considered it as a test of how the world actually works, and lived as an orphan until he met Arsenio at South america, and as a follower of his Ideology that the ‘Strong commands and the weak dies’, Arsenio has became his minion and later being the leader of SOMBRA After Arsenio’s Retirement.

Decades later, The Bureau started their investigation across the globes relating with various crime sprees committed in Europe, Which Arsenio have started major operations across the globe in order to create a new world under the Command of SOMBRA.

In Europe, Hector created an small cell of his organization called the promethean cult in order to turn Europe into an continent of chaos, which he succeeds after being responsible for mass assassinations and Terrorism in order to unify the European Nations into one state, which The Bureau manages to stop, in order to stop them from interfering, Hector has sent Omar Bahir to assassinate Chief Ripley.

After 'assassinating' Ripley, Arsenio Sent Omar Bahir to spread extremism and fear across the Sahara region in order to start a war that would unite the Sahara Region into one cell. Which Involved in the Kidnapping of American Ambassador Jessica Stern’s Son, However Omar Bahir was Killed during his attempt to poison the Bureau executives to death, and his plot was failed.

His Next scheme involved in Eurasia, Manipulating the Leader of COSMORUS, Natasha Romanova, to fire a satellite that will give Sombra the power to take over the world, He creates a small organisation called ‘Santa Inc’ to manipulate Nick Kringle into betraying CIA and has his agents to smuggle the part of russian satellite to create satellite powerful enough to take control of the Global technology, Later Abandoning Natasha after her failure and leaving her to be arrested.

At South Asia, Hector Created an unethical pharmaceutical company O.M Medilab, Manipulating an Wandering Guru Om Padmasana to be Bureau’s target while profiting from natural disasters and man-made disasters that Sombra created such as the mass plague that was Caused by Ayush Patil, Bureau later stopped the funding of O.M.M and Hector’s attempts to gain more funds have ceased in South Asia.

Across Asia And Oceania, Hector manipulated one of his agents into kidnapping orphans of Asia into his side, Ordering Obasaan to start the death-games again and have multiple amounts of orphans killed, After that, the winners of multiple death-games are sent to Australia and later other parts of Oceania in order to be involved with Human experiments, Hector sent the experimented Agents to commit crimes On Africa.

At Africa, Hector ordered Angela Douglas, one of his agents and the Member of the bureau to show loyalty to the Organisation or else she would be killed, After Bureau arrests Her, Hector headed towards America in order to Cause chaos and kidnap President Hewett of the United States, During his involvement with the kidnapping, Hector was caught by the hands of Bureau, and were sentenced to life in prison for the crimes he have committed.


  • Hector is one of the characters who appeared as a suspect in two cases.
  • Hector is one of the characters to have appeared physically in two different regions.
  • Due to events canon to the game, Hector is one of the killers in Criminal Case who were interrogated in the Additional Investigation for plausible reasons.
  • Hector is one of the few killers whose trial took place during the Additional Investigation instead of the final chapter of the main leg.


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