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Hector and Tabitha are the main antagonists of the Inside No. 9 episode "The Harrowing".

They were portrayed by Reece Shearsmith and Helen McCroy respectively. The former of whom co-created the series and also portrayed Ray, Mr. Warren, George and Dr. Jacob Tyler from the same series. The latter of whom also portrayed Dr. Victoria Frankenstein from the ITV adaptation of Frankenstien and Rosanna Calvierri in Doctor Who


Hector and Tabitha are siblings who are part of a church involved in preventing a demon named Castiel, the demon of mischief, from unleashing chaos upon the world. Decades prior to "The Harrowing", they used their brother Andras as a vessel to contain the demon, and then imprisoned him in the bedroom in which he spent all this time tied to a bed. Realising that their brother was getting old and would eventually die and release the demon, they conspired with the church to find a new vessel so Castiel can be kept imprisoned for the next several decades.

They hire a 17 year old named Katy to house sit while they pop out. Katy finds the house spooky due to the biblical paintings on the walls. She is joined by her friend Shell, and they later find Andras tied to the bed and gagged. Believing that they are keeping him prisoner, Katy attempts to free him, only for Hector and Tabitha to arrive, revealing that they haven't left at all. They were only testing Katy to see if she would be the perfect successor to hold Castiel, and it turns out that they were right. It is also revealed that Shell is in cahoots with him, as she is part of the same church. Katy attempts to dismiss their claims that Andras is possessed by a demon, although the siblings aren't convinced by her claims.

Katy manages to briefly subdue Hector and Tabitha and tries to leave the house, but Shell catches up with her and drugs her. Katy is stripped and tied to a chair and gagged, preparing her to be possessed. Hector, Tabitha and Shell leave the room in order to Andras/Castiel to get acquainted with his new vessel. Castiel approaches a terrified Katy, reaching out his hand to her and repeating "mischief" over and over again. The episode ends, leaving her final fate unknown to the viewers.


  • The episode leaves it ambiguous as to whether or not they were delusional in their claims, although Andras/ Castiel's demonic way of speaking appears to back up their claims.


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