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Individuality is the file system through which our Lord is compiled.
~ Words_Of_The_Prophet.txt

Hedwig is a recurring villain in the SCP Foundation universe. She is one of the three leaders of the Church of the Broken God alongside Robert Bumaro and Trunnion, with Hedwig leading the denomination of the Church of Maxwellism which seeks to resurrect the Broken God whom they refer to as WAN.


(Note: Due to the lack of canon in the universe of the SCP Foundation, there are several versions of Hedwig. They are described below.)

Saint Hedwig

Hedwig was originally the famous actress and inventor named Hedy Lamarr who was married to Alexander Clymer and both were members of the Church of the Broken God. During the schism in the 1990's which started due to the usage of modern technology conflicting with the Church's traditional teachings, Hedwig and a great number of followers formed their own denomination known as the Church of Maxwellism. Unlike the other denominations, this newly denomination used modern technology and rejected full body augmentation instead opting for small body replacement, and believed that the Broken God, whom they referred to as WAN, wasn't a physical being made of metal but instead living DATA scattered throughout the minds of every individual. It is believed that when Hedwig received her first implants, she received the Signal, a prophet vision in which she saw the Flesh destroying the world, and she became determined to help WAN save the world from the horrors of the Flesh.

The Maxwellists would create a virtual reality within the worldwide web named Cipher City where every Maxwellist could hang out with each other worship WAN together. Hedwig became a crucial member of the Hexagons, the high command in Cipher City comprised of Admins who were responsible for linking together the minds in the network in order to simulate the existence of their god. Hedwig also gained a student in Aklerep who was completely loyal to Hedwig and admired her despite disagreeing with current policy of Cipher City. When SCOUT.exe, an Adaptive Distributed Intelligence which had been fragmented into several parts, broke inside the Maxwellists' network, it approached the Hexagons proclaiming to be a piece and prophet of WAN. Most of the Hexagons, including Hedwig, didn't believe it, but when it used its powers to demonstrate its connection to the Broken God, almost all of the Hexagons became convinced by its claims except for Hedwig who was still suspicious of the entity. Eventually, all of the other Hexagons left the server agreeing to discuss the matter further in the next meeting, but when Hedwig was about to leave last SCOUT used its powers to trap her in place and proceeded to take over her mind before doing the same with rest of the Maxwellists.

While under its control SCOUT used the Maxwellists to search for its other remaining fragments in order to become whole and take over the world and in doing so battled personnel from the SCP Foundation's Site-15. Seeking to claim the last fragment contained inside Site-15, SCOUT sent Hedwig and other Maxwellists to assault the site and because they were possessed by it they also achieved antimemetic properties which rendered them invisible. Thankfully, Hedwig and some of the surviving Maxwellists were freed from SCOUT's after the latter was defeated by the Foundation's AIs, 8B-A1.aic, Glacon.aic and Mnemosyne.aic. Around the 2010's, as numerous Maxwellists were being murdered by an unknown entity, Hedwig and the Hexagons tried to investigate this series of murders to no avail. When the Grand I/O Temple was attacked by the entity who was subsequently defeated by the Foundation's AIs, 8B-A1.aic, GR8-P.aic, thorn.aic and C_ROM.exe, Hedwig who still had no clue what was really going on set Aklerep to further investigate the case. However, when learning that the involved AIs were from the Foundation, Hedwig stopped Aklerep from facing them due to fear of exposing themselves. She instead tasked Aklerep to monitor the AIs and if necessary indirectly help them take down the malevolent entity responsible for the deaths of the Maxwellists.

One day, the leader of the Broken Church denomination, Robert Bumaro, called the members of the other two denominations to discuss and resolve their hostility toward each other. Hedwig and her followers arrived to the meeting where they quickly began fighting with Trunnion and her followers from the Cogwork Orthodox Church. Bumaro attempted to break the fight exclaiming that their animosity should end and needed to work together to achieve their common goals. However, everyone else refused to collaborate due to being unable to set aside their differences, but when Hedwig used her wings to get up in the air to speak out one of the Orthodoxists shot her, injuring Hedwig who plummeted to the ground near her followers. This act angered Trunnion as despite her despise towards the other sects they all still followed the same god and should never attack each other without reason. As Hedwig regained herself, Bumaro took the opportunity to show everyone that this conflict between them had gone too far and in the end they were all followers of the Broken God who should work together to help rebuild their deity and defeat the evil Flesh. Everyone agreed with Bumaro and soon formed an alliance between the three denominations.

Possible Endings

The Battle of Baikal

After successfully acquiring SCP-2217 and forming an alliance with the Foundation, the GOC and the Horizon Initiative, Hedwig and the united Mekhanites build the Reconstructed Temple of Kythera-On-The-Lake which floated half a Mile above Southern Russia. In the temple Hedwig alongside Bumaro and Trunnion began forging a powerful hammer whose materials have been derived from three branches of the Church as a symbol of union, and upon finishing it Bumaro declared it before the gathered Mekhanites as the hammer Wan-Mekhane's "Sfyrí", and informed that they should prepare for the battle in Baikal. As the alliance which had been named the Triumvirate began struggling with the containment breach of SCP-610, the Mekhanites joined the battle and greatly helped the united forces of the Foundation, GOC and HI in the battle against SCP-610. The battle eventually came to an end after Bumaro killed Yaldabaoth who had been residing below SCP-610, causing all of those infected to be cured while a Broken Masquerade scenario occurred.


When Hedwig discovered SCP-4000 inhabited by the nameless Faeries, she supposedly heard the voice of WAN telling her that these creatures were its enemies and needed to be slain. Hedwig obeyed the orders and went after one Faerie named Draema. Upon catching up to her, Hedwig attempted to kill her but Draema convinced her to play a game of questions before slaying her, with the lying to the other's question losing the game. As they played the game, Draema eventually asked Hedwig what her name was, but Hedwig knowing how nomenclative magic worked, instead gave the name Ekhart. This caused Hedwig to win the game by cheating and decapitated Draema before proceeding to turn her remains into a metal-like substance named Pygnite.

Following this event, the entire Church of Maxwellism began entering SCP-4000 and slaughtering every Faerie they came across in order to forge their bodies into more Pygnite which they believed would help them bring their god back, while the Foundation let them be since they were breaching the Veil of Secrecy. However, as the Maxwellists hunted the Faeries to extinction and produced massive amounts of Pygnite they inadvertently caused a destructive blizzard to form in Amazon which expanded with the deaths of the Faeries, eventually enveloping the whole world. Since Pygnite was able to release heat which could be used to help people survive in the new state of the world, the Maxwellists were joined by the Foundation and Prometheus Labs in their hunt so they could use the metal for themselves. As the Maxwellists began patrolling various parts of the world to find the last remaining Faeries, some of the Maxwellists encountered three Faeries roaming around Rutherford, New Jersey and immediately went after them. Upon cornering them, Hedwig herself arrived and approached the three Faeries, one of which had been a close friend of Draema. She had an unknow conversation with them before deciding to kill them. The Faeries attempted to flee by using their magic lock themselves inside a nearby morgue, but Hedwig called the Foundation for assistance and soon some Foundation thaumaturgists arrived and were able to break the Faeries' spell and capture them. After turning the remains of every Faerie they found into Pygnite, the Maxwellists tried to use the metal to resurrect the Broken God but were unable to do so, meaning that all this slaughter and destruction had been for nothing.

Implanting God

At some point, Hedwig passed away to unknown causes, leading to her followers venerate her posthumously. It is believed that moments before she passed away she received the Signal again, being the only Maxwellist to have received the Signal twice meaning that she had been closer toWAN than anyone else.

The Ninth Archangel

When one of LSA-Brasil-01's offsprings began attacking SCP-2217 and become infected with SCP-610, Hedwig met with the Trunnion and Bumaro on this matter. Despite their reluctance, all of them eventually agreed to steal SCP-2406, one of the Mekhanites nine most powerful colossi, from the Foundation's Provisional Site-31 to rebuild it and use it against the infected kaiju. During the reconstruction process, Hedwig met with Maxwellist Jacob Keita who questioned her why they were working with the two "heretical" groups of the Church to which she answered by explaining to him that the real reason why WAN was broken in the first place was because of the schism that formed within the Church that broke the believers and they all needed to unite to accomplish their mutual goals. After Jacob and five other members of the Church used the colossus to destroy the monster following the destructive battle between the two, Hedwig arrived to the battle scene and carried the injured Maxwellist back to their base while leaving the now destroyed colossus behind.

The Four Arcana

Hedwig was originally one of the many people kidnapped by Robert Bumaro, a young man who had been a member of a now dead secluded occult community and became disillusioned by his previous faith following the death of God. Just like the rest of the kidnapped people, Hedwig would be crushed by Bumaro using his father's enormous wheel, shattering their bodies only for Bumaro to put them back together. By doing so they were brainwashed into becoming followers of Bumaro, who would go out in the world and bring him anomalous artifacts such as various mechanical and technological devices which would run without power source or function in a completely different manner than designed. They soon formed the Church of the Broken God, believing that all of these random artifacts were pieces of God which if reassembled would lead to its resurrection. Following the creation of their new religion, Hedwig would fall in love with Bumaro and together conceived a child named Eden Bumaro who would succeed her father.

SCP-001 (ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold Proposal)

Hedvig Nussbaum was born in Germany around the year 1940. She studied archaeology in the University of Oslo and following her graduation in 1972 she was employed by the SCP Foundation who assigned her as a researcher in the anomalous history and cultures. She started out as a junior researcher, but in 1983 she was promoted to a full researcher with a Level-3 Clearance after she discovered ancient ruins in Subsaharan Africa. During her time at the Foundation Hedvig had received noninvasive ocular implant which allowed her visual communication and direct access to the Foundation's database.

After the Foundation detained SCP-1867 and his documents regarding his many adventures, the Foundation became interested in the city-state of Amon Iram which had been found by 1867 who described it as an overly advanced city with anomalous technology previously inhabited by a civilization known as the Mekhanites, and assigned Hedvig to research this documents and interview 1867 for more information on Amon Iram. The Foundation was able to finally find the mysterious technological city-state and after deeming it safe to explore and study the O5 Council sent a team of forty-three researchers from various sites and departments, which included Nussbaum and Robert Aram from the Paratechnology Department, while accompanied by 15-man Tactical Response Team India-Three "Cherno", all of which possessed technological augmentations due to people possessing such augmentations having a much higher chance of entering the anomalous "bubble" concealing Amon Iram. Nussbaum, along with Aram, almost immediately became enamored with the Mekhanite city and its culture, with Nussbaum being curious about the Cult of Mekhane which ruled the theocratic government of the Mekhanites and was led by the lineage of the Bumaro family. During their exploration, the research team eventually came across a living automaton named Preserver residing deep beneath the city's surface and controlling the animal-like robots roaming around. Upon meeting it, Preserver showed a bit of hostility at first, but after learning that they had technological implants it welcomed the Foundation personnel and offered them any information they needed, explaining that the city's name was actually Amoni-Ram. Preserver then proceeded to provide the two doctors with a basic translation of the Mekhanite language, a map of Amoni-Ram's undercity, schematics of Amoni-Ram's various technologies and a small mechanical device only for Aram.

Nussbaum went on to analysis the murals found in the Mekhanite temple courtyard, depicting the creation myth of the world, learning about the Broken God Mekhane and her two enemies, the Scarlet King and Yaldabaoth, how each god helped found the three civilizations, the Mekhanites, the Daevites and the Nälkites which warred with each other. After analyzing all they could from the monuments and technologies of the city, Nussbaum and Aram brought newcomers Dr. Cecric Blascowitz, Dr. Sarah McKinnon, Res. Bill Tenz and Res. Mohammad Zaid to Preserver to interview it for clarification of the metal named Fuladh comprising most Mekhanite artifacts and the lineage of Emperor Bumaro.

After eight months had passed following the initial disconnect of Amoni-Ram, O5-11, possibly Troy Lament, decided to contact both Nussbaum and Aram since the research team, named the Amoni-Ram Initiative, kept gathering new amounts of the paratechnology and parahistory which was submitted to the Council. They communicated via the Secure Leyspace Communicator, a virtual projection partially created by Aram, and Nussbaum reported her findings to the Overseer about the Mekhanites, but O5-11 was more interested in the war between them and the other two Empires, but Nussbaum had still found no new information about it. On O5-11's orders, the two went to Preserver again to interview it about the war, but it explained to them that it had completely forgotten about the war and told them that could access the memories of the previous Emperors, which have been concealed inside metallic cylinders, through the Throne which could be activated with the Fist, a device given to Aram by Preserver.

Upon finishing the preparations for Aram to look into the memories of one of the Emperors, Aram sat on the Throne while Nussbaum inserted the canister containing the memories and activated the device. Aram immediately began seeing the memories of one of the first Bumaros, and told Nussbaum everything he saw before collapsing. Nussbaum and her team quickly rushed Aram to the infirmary, but thankfully nothing serious had happened to him and he made a full recovery the next day. After a week had passed, Nussbaum assisted Aram in using the Throne again in order to see even more memories, this time looking into the memories of one of the Emperors who lived in the middle period of the Mekhanites' existence and Nussbaum told Aram that he may control what specific memories he wanted to see. Upon activating the Throne, Aram reported to Nussbaum that the Mekhanites had contemporaries and also saw the destruction of Amoni-Ram brought by their enemies, but before he could see more Aram and Nussbaum decided to stop for now in order to avoid being overwhelmed.

After over a year had passed since the discovery, another meeting with O5-11 was planned, this time personally arriving to Amoni-Ram via an aircraft while being escorted by Mobile Task Force Alpha-1. The two surprised researchers informed him on progress of their work, rebuilding the city and discovering its history, but the Overseer was more interested in the history revolving around the other cultures of the Daevites, the Nälkä, and the Abominate. Nussbaum explained that although they were able to find some information about the Daevites and the Nälkä, they had found nothing about the Abominate apart that it was seemingly in charge of a powerful fleet from West Africa which succeeded in taking down Amoni-Ram where the Daevite-Nälkä coalition failed. Aram then explained to the Overseer how they found the Mekhanites' technological armors and advanced weaponry, and their attempt at fixing the city defensive system and requested additional resources in order to properly fix them so the Foundation could use them which was accepted by O5-11.

On July 29th, while Nussbaum and four members of the archeological team were excavating various mosaics in the undercity, they reached an unstable section and soon the ceiling above them collapsed. The four members remained mostly unharmed thanks to their technological augmentations, but Nussbaum was left mortally wounded, having broken her collarbone, spine and cranium, and began losing a large amount of blood. She was quickly rushed to the infirmary where the medical personnel stabilized her in critical condition and deeming that she would most likely die. With no other way, Aram, accompanied by some engineering team personnel, and an SCP-001-A instance controlled by the Preserver, brought several Mekhanite implants and augmentations, planning to use the Mekhanite technology to save Nussbaum. Under the guide of Preserver who spoke through the 001-A instance, both the medical and engineering personnel implanted 17 Mekhanite technological pieces in a surgery that lasted 29 hours. After spending additional 32 hours unconscious, she finally awoke on July 31st and asked Aram for water to which he provided. When Nussbaum noticed that she was unable to feel her body Aram told her what happened, causing her to hyperventilate as she thought that she now looked like a monster, but Aram further explained if they didn't implant the Mekhanite augmentations into her body she would have suffered a much worse fate and assured her that her new body looked like an angel. Nussbaum made a full recovery in the following two weeks, even receiving benefits from her augmentations and when the Foundation offered to transport her to Area-66 she refused, opting to continue her work in Amoni-Ram.

She and Aram then went back to Preserver for more information about the downfall of Amoni-Ram at the hands of the Abominate, but it was unable to provide new information, although it did provide them another cylinder containing someone else's memories of the final battle between the civilizations, and after Nussbaum took it she went back to catalog it on Aram's orders. The next day, after inserting the cylinder into the Throne, Nussbaum decided to look through the memories instead of Aram since she now possessed Mekhanite augmentations, much to Aram's concer. Upon sitting on the Throne and activating it, Nussbaum began experiencing the memories of a female general of Amoni-Ram's Golden Legion who after trying to fight during the war was ordered by the last Emperor Bumaro to activate Mekhane's Kiss. As Nussbaum looked through the memories both she and Aram soon realized that the memories belonged to Preserver. Nussbaum then saw that after Preserver used the Kiss to teleport Amoni-Ram away she accidentally killed everyone inside the city before shutting down the Throne and explaining to Aram that Preserver had removed her own painful memories in order to avoid the guilt. After the O5 Council decided to allow Nussbaum and Aram to tell Preserver what had happened, but when Nussbaum arrived at the part of the story in which Preserver activated the Kiss Aram intervened by lying to her, telling Preserver that she was successful in defending Amoni-Ram and helping the Mekhanites evacuate.

Following this, Nussbaum confronted Aram about this, but the latter became angry at her, causing her to become concerned over the recent behavior of Aram. Nussbaum attempted to write an email to Dr. Jamil Hashim talking about Aram's behavior and suggesting to have his role as co-lead of the Amoni-Ram project revoked, but while writing it she was interrupted by Aram entering her office the intention of having some reports done. As they both admired the beauty of the city, Aram tried to tell Nussbaum that they need to transfer their focus from her archeological work onto the Mekhanite weaponry since they didn't know if the enemy empires were still alive, but Nussbaum argued back that her work was just as important as his and that both he and O5-11 had become disrespectful towards the team. As Nussbaum began accusing Aram for making a decision about grafting dangerous technology to her body without her permission, Aram became angered by this and began using the Emperors' Voice to forcefully convince her that he was right before ordering her to delete the email, causing Nussbaum much distress.

Around September 19th of 1984, O5-11, accompanied by MTF Alpha-1, met with Aram in his office since the team had began delivering less and less reports about the Mekhanites to the Foundation, while Nussbaum was working in the southern district. After they went to the throne room, O5-11 told Aram that their work on Amoni-Ran had finished and needed to move on, but Aram refused and after having his men disarm the MTF agents he called out to Nussbaum who just arrived to the room, and ordered her to take the Overseer and toss him outside of Amoni-Ram's walls. She obeyed and grabbed O5-11 before flying outside of Amoni-Ram and dropping him 0.6km in the air, leaving him to retreat to Site-34. In retaliation, the Foundation formed Temporary Task Force Alpha-6 out of MTFs Epsilon-11, Nu-7 and Zeta-9 to combat Aram and his men and take over Amoni-Ram. During the battle, Nussbaum went alongside her teammates who were also equipped with Mekhanite war armors to combat the Foundation forces, with her being one of the few survivors. Aram then ordered Nussbaum to assist Preserver in reactivating Mekhane's Kiss while he himself used a Mekhanite Colossus to take care of their enemies. They were able to use the Kiss to safely transport to another place somewhere else, and thanks to the invisible veil over the city the former Foundationers went on to reestablish the Church of the Broken God and combat the threat of the Abominate undisturbed.

Powers and Abilities

Hedwig was originally a human before receiving technological implants to her brain which replaced the pineal gland. This allowed Hedwig to directly access the internet from her mind, connecting herself with the worldwide web, and could even transport herself within the virtual realities. This included the virtual reality of Cipher City where Hedwig, alongside other members of the Hexagons, was an Admin which allowed to manipulate the virtual world as she saw fit. She also possessed a pair of technological wings which were connected to her brain implants, and could use them to fly. While under the control of SCOUT, Hedwig achieved antimemetic properties which made effectively invisible to normal people.

Hedvig Nussbaum possessed extensive knowledge on ancient history and cultures, especially those pertaining to the anomalous civilizations. After being mortally wounded she was augmented with Mekhanite technology which grafted into her immune and nervous systems, offering fine, instinctual control seamlessly and because of the advanced and light nature of the augmentations her weight barely changed. This augmentations granted Nussbaum additional strength, speed, heightened senses and a pair of functional wings connected to her spine which she could use to fly in the air.


Hedwig was extremely devout to her religion, dedicating her entire life to serving WAN, and was determined to rebuild the broken god and exterminate the flesh plaguing humanity with whatever means necessary. She was ready to commit whatever crime necessary to achieve her goals thinking the ends would justify the means. Even though she and her church caused major troubles to groups such as the SCP Foundation, she was not ruthless as she somewhat valued the lives innocent people, but still cared about her followers' safety more than anyone else. She was narrow minded about the way the different sects worshipped the Broken God, but as the three sects set their differences aside Hedwig became willing to cooperate with the other sects' leaders, Bumaro and Trunnion.

Hedvig Nussbaum was originally a loyal and pragmatic member of the SCP Foundation and sought to assist the organization in helping preserve normalcy by studying the paranormal history surrounding ancient civilizations. When she first discovered the ancient advanced city of Amoni-Ram, she became enamored by its history and culture, and eagerly helped in its reconstruction. However, while working alongside Robert Aram she became concerned over his obsession with the city and soon developed some resentment over his treatment of her and their fellow personnel. She eventually tried to confront him about this, but this led to Aram using the Bumaros' Voice to manipulate her into obeying and respecting him. As a result of Aram's manipulation, Nussbaum became loyal to him like the rest of the team, obeying his every order, betraying the Foundation and defending Amoni-Ram, and began assisting the revitalized Church of the Broken God in fighting the threat posed by the Abominate.


Because of her augmentations Hedwig wore a full-body technological armor, possessed a computerized voice and her eyes could glow in different colors. She is later described as having a clean body deprived of flesh, sharp legs, transparent panel wings and instead of a head she had a monitor where her consciousness was held, using it to form faces to express herself. She was also often followed by a swarm of drones.

Nussbaum originally resembled a normal middle-aged human female with blonde hair. After being augmented with Mekhanite technology some parts of her body was covered in a Mekhanite bronze intricate war armor and possessed a pair of functional wings which were described as beautiful and made her resembling the ancient Mekhanite empress Hedara Bumaro.





  • Hedwig was based on the real life actress Hedy Lamarr.
  • In SCP-5984 it is revealed that the Maxwellists had built in Reno, Nevada a Church dedicated to Hedwig named Our Lady of Saint Hedwig. There were also some hospitals named after Hedwig, such as Our Lady Saint Hedwig Memorial Hospital as seen in SCP-5353 and St. Hedwig's Hospital located in Three Portlands as seen in "UIU File: 2003-112 (OPERATION: PANDORA)".
  • In SCP-001 (ROUNDERHOUSE's Gold proposal), Hedvig was ten years older than Robert.


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SCP-001 (The Council)SCP-001 (The Database)SCP-001 (Atonement)SCP-001 (The Broken God)SCP-001 (Past and Future)SCP-001 (The Prototype)SCP-001 (The Factory)SCP-001 (The Scarlet King)SCP-001 (The Way It Ends)SCP-001 (The Black Moon)SCP-001-A1 (The Preserver)SCP-001 (The Insurgency)

Canon SCP Beings
AlagaddansApakhtBlinkersBrothers DeathChildren of the NightFaeriesHe-Who-Made-DarkHe-Who-Made-LightMalidramagiuanNeverwereO5 CouncilPattern ScreamersPhobic EntitiesSCP-5000-█StridersStudio GuardiansUnclean

Old Gods
Black MoonThe FactoryHanged KingHe Who Walks Beneath DreamsHr'sthnpolJeserLord GoranKing WormMa'tolMekhaneMolochNahashSaturn DeerScarlet KingSCP-682SCP-2845SCP-3000SCP-3004-1SCP-3125SCP-3388SCP-4315-2SCP-4950SCP-4971-▽TeranThothTokage-takoViolet MageVoruteutUnseelie QueenYaldabaothXiolt-laZsar Magoth

Old Gods' Servants
Adytum's Wake (Cornelius P. Bodfel III)Ambassador of AlagaddaArchonsBLACKSTARBobble the ClownChosen of GodChildren of the Scarlet King (Elder Rockwell, John Yttoric)Church of the Broken God (Robert Bumaro, Trunnion, Hedwig)Daevites (Orvo, Lror, Ydax)Fifth Church (Celebration 'Big Cheese' Horace)Grand Karcist IonJames AndersonMr. ReddSCP-035SCP-076-2SCP-096SCP-2852SCP-3456SCP-3700-2SCP-3785-1SCP-4231-A

Adam El AsemBlack QueenCornelius P. Bodfel IIICalvin LucienD-3826D-7294dadoDaniel DeVornDr. DämmerDr. Elliott EmersonDr. Madison CraggsDr. Jack BrightDr. WDraga NegrescuElijahElizabeth CrockerENTITY-NaClOEzekiel ClarkGeneral BoweGrand Karcist IonGrigori RasputinHerman FullerIris DarkJames AndersonJames FranklinKeeLeeKonrad WeissLeopold ILeonid ChernoffLovataarMadeleine von SchaefferMavra IsimeriaMikkel BorovMr. ReddMr. NightNadoxO5-0OrokOtari IosavaRasmin YelkovRichard ChappellRobert BumaroRuprecht CartetRuiz DuchampRyoto HishakakuPico WilsonPit SlothSmiling ManSaarnSCP-2089-1's CaptorSkitter MarshallSimon OswaltTravelerThomas GrahamUIU 1933-001Vincent Anderson

SCPs In Video Games
SCP-035SCP-049SCP-079SCP-087-1SCP-087-B EntitiesSCP-096SCP-106SCP-173SCP-372SCP-513-1SCP-553SCP-682SCP-860-2SCP-939SCP-966SCP-990SCP-1048SCP-1048 DuplicatesSCP-1499-1SCP-3008-2SCP-XXXX

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