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Heep is a Dire Wolf and the primary antagonist in the Wolves of the Beyond series.  He has a yellow pelt, yellow eyes, and no tail.  He was deemed a "gnaw wolf" or omega since he was born without a tail, but he got it back during the events of Spirit Wolf.  Heep had a distinct nicking in a tooth that showed up in the bones he carved.  He was known for putting on a false air of humility in the presence of higher ranking wolves, but in reality was cunning and malicious. 

In Shadow Wolf he killed a pup and attempted to frame another gnaw wolf, Faolan, for the murder.  Heep wanted Faolan out of the way to increase his chances of winning a competition that selected gnaw wolves to serve in the Sacred Watch.  This was due to the fact that Heep and Faolan were both from the MacDuncan clan, and two wolves from the same clan were never selected at the same time.  He was discovered to be the real culprit, but he escaped to the Outermost.