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The Heian-kyō Basra is a Heian-kyō/black bass-themed Jamen Beast of Dark Empire Yodonheim, released from the invasion gate created from the dark energy gathered by Hyakunin Isshu Jamen. It's also one of the two antagonist in episode 9 of 2020 TV series called Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


The Heian-kyō Basra made its first appearance as it arrived into the human world via a grid prompting the team to bring out Kiramazin to battle this beast. However with Carantula reading the poem from where he was at it used this kind of electrical blast and jolts the team followed by Galza as he brought in Smog Jouki to join the fight as well and to do so he placed a car with the civilians in it onto the mask itself as if it was magnet using it as a hostage thus preventing the beast from being attacked.

However Juru brought out the Mashin Express and combines with the Smog Jouki and once again forms King Express and with Sena behind the wheels she'd saved the civilians from the beast itself.

With the situation has been neutralized the King Express begins attacking the Heian-kyō Basra as it sends out multiple purple slashes at it.

After that it was then destroyed by this finisher called King Express Burn Blaster.


  • Heian-kyō Basra's mask resembles a Hitokarage from 2015 TV series called Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.
    • Since the Hyakunin Isshu Jamen was the first karuta monster since Yokai Fudagaeshi who appeared in Ninninger, this may have been intentional.
  • Through the scans the beast itself resembles Guesra King from Ultraman.


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