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Heidi Turner is one of the 'popular' girls in South Park. There are occasions when she is an antagonist but becomes a much more heroic character acting as one of the main protagonists of season 20 and a major protagonist/antagonist in season 21.

She was voiced by Jessica Makinson.


Like most of South Park's characters, she went from a small background character from the early seasons to a much bigger role.

Her first major role was in the episode "Marjorine" (in which she had an antagonist role) where she hosted the slumber party.

She became a main character in season 20 when she left social media and fell in love with Eric Cartman, who had also left social media, this time by force. In Season 21 however, Heidi's relationship with Cartman began to become more complicated as Cartman is shown not interested in listening to Heidi talk about her emotions or day, or sharing with her, resulting in them going through multiple break ups and reconciles. She also undergoes a major change, becoming a female version of Cartman himself.

In the season's final episode "Splatty Tomato", Heidi blames him for what she has become but soon realizes that she has been engaging in self-victimization ever since she began seeing Cartman. Because of this turn of events she breaks up with Cartman for the final time, and for good. Cartman, however, attempts to get Heidi to reconcile with him by pointing a gun at his head, threatening to kill himself, this attempt however failed.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, she framed Monica for the rumors she spread about The New Kid being Bebe's boyfriend. The girls soon find that she was the one who spread rumors about them behind their back, but the girls decide to forgive her and accept to help the boys in their game.



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