No one can defeat me!
~ Heihachi Mishima
I'll be quick with your death!
~ Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi Mishima is the main villain in the Tekken fighting video game series, as well as the most recurring one. A vile and power hungry monster, he is almost always responsible for the events of the games but his impact seems to decrease during the events of Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, after his last defeat and false death after Tekken 4, yet he is still the indirect reason of the events in those games as well. In Tekken 7, he seems to regain his prominence as a character and it is revealed that Heihachi himself wasn't directly responsible for the fued or the events that followed, but rather the only woman he loved, Kazumi Mishima.

Heihachi was the main antagonist of the first Tekken game, the protagonist and anti-villain of Tekken 2, the secondary antagonist of Tekken 3, the main antagonist of Tekken 4, a supporting antagonist for both Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, and the main antagonist of Tekken 7. He is also the main antagonist of the film Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Heihachi has made several appearance in other non-canonical games and animations, either as playable character, a boss or main antagonist, or just cameos.

In the original Japanese versions, he was initially voiced By seiyu Banjo Ginga in the first game, only to be replaced by the late Daisuke Gōri and later the late Unshō Ishizuka. 


Early life

Heihachi Mishima is the son of Jinpachi Mishima, the rich, powerful, and well-respected head and founder of the Mishima Zaibatsu, as well as a world-famous martial arts master. The Mishimas are an old family of powerful martial artists with a personal way of fighting karate.

Heihachi met a young girl, named Kazumi Hachijo. The girl joined Jinpachi's dojo to devote a countless amount of time training. She became a sort of rival with Jinpachi's son, Heihachi. The two became inseparable friends, and eventually fell in love and got married. They give birth to a son and named him Kazuya, and Kazumi was overjoyed and doted on her son.

While Jinpachi and Kazumi were treating Kazuya kindly, Heihachi was harsh and unforgiving towards Kazuya. The training with Jinpachi was more enjoyable than training with his father. Despite Heihachi's effort, Kazuya grew up kind and frail. Heihachi blamed his wife and father for this.

Eventually Heihachi betrayed his father Jinpachi and stole the Zaibatsu from him. The reasons of such thing remains unknown, as Heihachi never confided his motivations (unless he told about it to Kazumi or Kuma I). Heihachi assumed control and began to steer the Zaibatsu into the military industry. Jinpachi told his friend, Wang Jinrei, that he had to save the Zaibatsu from his son and that was the last time Wang ever saw Jinpachi.

Jinpachi attempted to launch a coup to retake the Zaibatsu from his son, but failed and was punished by being imprisoned underneath Hon-Maru where he remained for over 40 years until the events of Tekken 5. Unaware of these events, Wang put his faith in Heihachi.

On one fateful day, Kazumi fell ill after one of training regimens. On the next day, she recovered, but she had now developed a split personality, with one side being human and the other being unnatural.

Heihachi VS Kazumi

Kazumi fights her husband.

Kazumi's unusual behavior escalated until one day, she attacked Heihachi during his training with the intent of killing him. In self-defense, Heihachi fought her and incapacitated her. Kazumi was defeated, but her devil form revealed herself to Heihachi and attacked him again, only to be surprisingly defeated by Heihachi. Devil Kazumi found herself caught by the neck by Heihachi. She then warned Heihachi that would start a never-ending cycle of hatred if he killed her. In her final breath, Devil Kazumi told Heihachi that if he loved her, he would release her. In rage, however, Heihachi declared that she is no longer his Kazumi, and crushed her neck, killing her.

Heihachi Kazumi

Heihachi stares at Kazumi's corpse.

Young Kazuya was aware of his mother's death and this was how Heihachi earned full hatred from his son. Kazuya wanted to avenge his mother and grandfather. Only Heihachi knows the truth of the origins of the Devil Gene, while the other Mishimas believe it started with Jinpachi. The gene is actually ancient and was created by the powerful being Azazel.

Kazuya's fall

Heihachi throws his son Kazuya off a cliff.

Kazuya wasn't getting any stronger (both physically and in personality) and Heihachi lost his patience. His son tried to defeat him in a fight and avenge Kazumi, but of course Heihachi had no trouble putting down a small kid. In order to prove Kazuya's strength, Heihachi threw him over a cliff nearby to see if he can survive and climb back up. Kazuya succeeded, but only because he inherited the "Devil Gene" from his mother Kazumi, which made him extremely powerful. This fall traumatized Kazuya, who was only 5, and awakened the demon in his body, simply referred as the Devil. Kazuya suffered a serious painful wound on his chest. Heihachi was 31 years old at this point.

It is not explained if Kazuya returned home after this, even if most assume he did, because of his rivalry with his new brother: Heihachi adopted the Chinese orphan Lee Chaolan, but he did this only for giving Kazuya a rival and he never cared about him. Lee was a genius who was interested in building robots, which was considered just a weird hobby by Heihachi. Initially, Lee was unaware of the truth of his situation and lived believing he would inherit the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazuya and Lee grew to despise each other and eventually Kazuya left his home to travel around the world as a martial artist. Meanwhile, Heihachi kept expanding his activities and influence. Heihachi's ruthless bear, Kuma, acted as his main bodyguard and was considered extremely cruel and the worst bear. Kuma loved human flesh, implying that Heihachi fed him with his enemies. Wang kept living as a recluse in the Mishima gardens.

Heihachi had sent one of his men to find a treasure on a Native American land. The man, Mr. Chang, came from Hong Kong was to steal the treasure from the natives and bring it to Heihachi. However Chang fell in love with an american woman and married her. Heihachi had Chang murdered 17 years later.

Tekken 1

Heihachi Mishima was the world's famous CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Both respected and full of enemies, Heihachi was known in Japan as a corrupt corporate tyrant who is too powerful to be sent to jail. Kazuya traveled around the world and competed in various martial arts championships, becoming an undefeated champion, with only Paul Phoenix being a real challenge to him. Kazuya grew up to be an arrogant, cold-blooded, brutal, self-righteous, and antisocial lonely 26 year old man and he never forgot his childhood trauma, with the huge scar on his chest as a remainder.

Wang watched Heihachi and Kazuya with great interest as they grew and chose their respective paths of life. He kept investigating on Jinpachi's apparent death.

At the age of 52, Heihachi announced the King of Iron Fist Tournament to test his son's fighting skills. He offered a large purse of prize money for the winner. Michelle Chang went after Heihachi to avenge her father's death. The cold-blooded and merciless assassin Nina Williams was sent by unknown people to kill Heihachi.

Lee felt cheated by Heihachi that after years of harsh training and fights, he was actually only a tool to irritate Kazuya. Heihachi made sure that Lee lived in the shadow of his absentee older step-brother. This caused ongoing tension and bitter rivalry between the two, which eventually escalated into extreme hatred for each other. As expected by Heihachi, Lee disappointed him when he tried to defeat Kazuya to prove Heihachi that he was the true heir to the Zaibatsu. Lee ran away in shame screaming in the mountains in grief and depression.

The lone wolf Kazuya was the strongest fighter in the Tournament and eventually faced his father Heihachi in combat. Heihachi himself slacked his training for a long time and spent it indulging in deviant acts, believing he is strong and no one can defeat him anyway. Kazuya, also motivated by anger and hatred from his Devil side, fought Heihachi in an intense battle on the same field where Heihachi last struck him down and dropped him over a cliff nearby. After hours of vicious battle, Kazuya defeated Heihachi; an unexpected surprise for anyone.

In an act of revenge, Kazuya tossed Heihachi down the same cliff that he was thrown off as a child and smiled with satisfaction. He assumed control of the Zaibatsu as Heihachi's heir, apparently with the purpose of cleaning the stained Mishima name and righting the wrongs from the Zaibatsu by bringing justice to the Heihachi's victims of murder and theft.

Tekken 2

Tekken 2 Heihachi

Heihachi survived his fall.

Heihachi managed to survive the fall simply by will-power, but Kazuya had then control of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Heihachi vowed to regain his old strength and reunited with Kuma, who was also disappointed by his own loss against Paul Phoenix, who was ironically Kazuya's rival. This because the lazy Kuma was raised to be as arrogant as Heihachi and believed that his master was the only strong person in the world. Heihachi and Kuma retired in solitude in the mountain dojo mansion known as Mishima Estate to retrain and defeat their enemies.

One year later, the Mishima Zaibatsu became more powerful, with its tendrils reaching to all corners of the world. Kazuya showed his true colors and became corrupted as a tyrant like his father and committed crimes such as murdering his enemies, destroying and robbing places, making money illegally, arming heavily his forces, and smuggling weapons for his plans. Kazuya repeated the corrupt practices of his father and turned the Zaibatsu into an even more ruthless organization. While Heihachi was merely ruthless, friendlier, charismatic, and treated women well, Kazuya acted absolutely cruel, hateful, unfriendly, and without a conscience. He hired assassins to eliminate any of his critics or rivals, such as the Brasilian businessman father of Eddy Gordo and his wife. He also attempted to extort money from several businesses and organizations.

Kazuya found out the identity of the russian creator of Jack, a robot sent by russians forces to kill Kazuya, and kidnapped him. The man, Dr. Bosconovicth was forced to work for the Mishima laboratories and was ordered to restore and improve Prototype Jack and create Jack-2 for him (though Jack-2 betrayed them for a little girl named Jane), as well as started the Gun Jack project. Kazuya also smuggled endangered species and conducted genetic experiments on them, creating the fighters Roger and Alex. Kazuya's main protectors and henchmen were Bruce Irvin, Ganryu, and Anna Williams, but it was actually the wicked Lee Chaolan, who betrayed Heihachi and served as Kazuya's secretary and right hand (hoping to overthrow Kazuya). Kazuya's many enemies included Nina Williams, who still tried to assassinate the CEO of the Zaibatsu, her target being Kazuya that time.

Unknown to Heihachi or anyone else, the real reason of Kazuya's worsening and sudden lust for power was that he allowed Devil to consume him through his hatred for Heihachi (unlike Jin, Kazuya has no significant happy memories while he has negative ones). Eventually Kazuya "disappeared in the shadows" and transformed into Devil, who take part in constant battles with the mysterious being Angel.

Two years after the original Tekken, the Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. After much deviant acts, Heihachi vowed to take back the Zaibatsu and get his revenge, and entered the Tournament. Heihachi and Kuma made their return while Kazuya remained unaware of his father being alive. Besides Heihachi, there were others who came against the Mishima Zaibatsu, like Michelle Chang, who was on a mission to rescue her mother kidnapped by Kazuya's men to retrieve her treasures, Yoshimitsu who wanted to save Bosconovitch, or Wang, who wanted to avenge Jinpachi's death, carry out his promise to Jinpachi to end the "Mishima's cursed bloodline" and planed with Lee to deal with Heihachi and Kazuya. Also detective Lei Wulong of the Interpol and Jun Kazama of the WWWC investigated on Kazuya, the former about his connections with the Mafia and the Triads and the latter about his crimes against nature.

As Heihachi made his way to his son through various fightings, Kazuya met met the mysterious Jun Kazama, who attracted him and made worse his identity crisis with Devil. Meanwhile, Heihachi was undefeatable and determinated to destroy his son. Along the way, he encountered the traitor Lee, who tried to get his revenge and prevent Heihachi from getting the Zaibatsu back, but he was defeated by his adoptive father.

Tekken 2 Kazuya 3

Kazuya confronts his father for the third time.

Heihachi finally met Kazuya again, who was shocked to see his father live and well. Kazuya furiously vowed to kill Heihachi for good this time, yet Devil failed to take over and kill Heihachi himself. In fact Kazuya was suffering a mental struggle between himself and Devil, as well as being a constant target to Angel and Jun, who tried to save him from his own evil side and demon. At the time, Kazuya had no control of his transformations at all and Devil Kazuya's inability to overcome Kazuya's good side, might have been attributed to Jun Kazama. Heihachi took advantage of Kazuya's battle of personalities and succeeded in defeating and killing Kazuya. To ensure Kazuya's permanent death, Heihachi took Kazuya's lifeless body and thrown him into the mouth of a volcano, believing to be rid of him forever. After this he expelled Lee from the Mishima Zaibatsu for cooperating with Kazuya. Filled with hatred, Lee was strongly resentful and aggressive towards Heihachi for all of the years of abuse and lies. He started to plot against Heihachi to kill him, but eventually gave up on those desires and retired in America for a life of isolation.

Tekken 3

Heihachi got back Mishima Zaibatsu after he killed Kazuya. He never found out of the Devil inside Kazuya and how nearly killed him along with his son. Devil split in two parts: one that "disappeared" (actually never left Kazuya's body) and the other that went after Jun Kazama, who was forced to leave her job and retire in loneliness in Yakushima with only animals and goodness.

Heihachi regained his power and soon wanted more for himself. He embarked on a crusade to win the trust of world leaders by putting wars and conflicts to rest. Using his incredible wealth, he formed his own military arm known as Tekken Force, a mercenary group employed to quell conflicts efficiently. He also took a strong interest in the well being of developing nations by helping them build agricultural systems that will sustain them. He sent the Tekken Force to produce food and feed poor people in order to gain a support world leaders. Through Heihachi's efforts, the world appeared to be regaining peace. Many prominent buildings in Japan and progress in the world exist thanks to Heihachi. A recurring Mishima structure in the games is the Mishima Polytechnical School, that has a giant golden statue of Heihachi Mishima on its grounds. 

Although back then Heihachi never truly knew about Kazuya having the Devil Gene, he still could have had his own suspicions, as he killed his own wife Kazumi for reasons related to her Devil form. Regardless, Heihachi at this point already wanted demon cells in his own body, as he believed it would have made him the most powerful being and allowed him to "bring peace and order" in the whole Earth (Heihachi hates chaos). The Mishima research labs were working on a top secret project, the Devil Gene program. Heihachi had many innocent people to be used text subject for the experiments of his scientists. The Mishima Zaibatsu also created children in its own laboratories for experiments through in vitro fertilization, one of this children, subject NT01,  being the son of Nina Williams, who had failed to assassinate Kazuya, was captured, and had been forced into a Cryogenic sleep experiment of the Mishima Zaibatsu for 17 years and was impregnated without her consent. Apparently the german scientist Emma Kliesen, one of the supervisors of the Devil Gene project, brought Nina's son to the Zaibatsu, but quickly regretted when the torture experiments followed. Heihachi failed to obtain his own Devil Gene and had the program cancelled due to the constant deaths of text subjects. Unknown yet to the Heihachi, his future rival G Corporation was making great progress on its own Devil Gene program, thanks to their special text subject. However, Heihachi would never give up on his quest for ultimate power and kept searching for any ancient powers around the world.

Heihachi's grin

Planning to capture Ogre.

15 years after Tekken 2, the Tekken Force went to Middle America (Mexico) to excavate on an archeological site in mysterious ruins in the jungle. During the excavations, The Tekken Force found a still a mysterious creature. The 69 years old Heihachi ordered its catpure, but all he heard was a garbled radio mesage informing him that the other soldiers were all dead, then the survivor screamed "Toshin?!" and the contact was suddently lost. Upon hearing the name of the ancient Fighting God, Heihachi personally came in the ruins to verify the situation himself, only to find nothing but countless dead bodies and destruction, and was very sorrowful, yet he knew it was a great source of power awaiting him.

Heihachi learned that the creature in the ruins was indeed the legendary God of Fighting, Ogre. Heihachi realized that the power of the mysterious life form could be the key to his long dormant dream of world domination. He thought that if he managed to get Ogre's godlike powers he would rule the world.

But finding Ogre was impossible. He never reappeared to attack again, instead the world became victim of the alien. Within weeks, disturbing eventes took place in Earth, none of those being particularly clear. Strange disappearances were occuring throughout the world. Persons of "strong soul", masters of martial arts and other derivative fighting disciplines were suddently reported missing, with no knowledge of their whereabouts. Only destruction was always left and none of the martial artists were safe anymore. Heihachi knew without any doubts it was Ogre and had to be surrounded by his bodyguards for his own safety, though Heihachi thought himself as undefeatable and was waiting to face Ogre so he could capture him.

One day, Heihachi was visited by a 15-year-old boy named Jin Kazama. Heihachi learned from Jin the story that his mother had told him in the last weeks before disappearing. Heihachi learned that Jin was his grandson and the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. Jin told his grandfather how he personally met Ogre: his mother had sensed that she was a target of threat beyond her understanding, thus she told Jin all she knew about the story of Kazuya and their family's past, then she told Jin to go to his grandfather Heihachi if anything happened to her. In fact she was right, as Ogre came to the mountains during a stormy night, bringing a chilling, swirling wind. Jun told Jin to run away, yet Jin tried to face Ogre, who knocked the boy unconscious in an istant. When Jin woke up, the house and everything around it was burned to the ground and despite Jin's effort, he found no sign of Jun's body.

After hearing this story, Heihachi convinced Jin that Ogre was the reason for the disappearance of the best fighters in the world. He believed that Ogre was after the souls of the fighters, including his own. Jin begged Heihachi to take him as his disciple and teach him his strength and the Mishima fighting style, in order exact revenge. Heihachi took him in and teached him Mishima Style Karate for his own selfish purposes, planning to use him as bait for Ogre. He trained Jin harshly as he had trained Kazuya, Lee, and Kuma. Heihachi's pet bear died of old age, but not before he had left a son, Kuma II, that Heihachi trained as well to be his new pet bodyguard. This Kuma though, became less loyal to Heihachi, and smarter and less cruel than his father, yet more silly at the same time.

Wang Jinrei's granddaughter, Ling Xiaoyu, was obsessed by her dream of buildling her own amusement park and went sneaking to one of Heihachi's private ships, beat up the security and go up to meet Heihachi, who was the company's president, and demand he build her an amusement park. Heihachi would see the girl's potential as a fighter and would even train her a specially trained bodyguard like Kuma (Panda) for the young girl. He would even send her to the company financed school, the Mishima High School, where she would eventually meet two of her closest friends, Miharu Hirano and Jin Kazama. This did not improve the bad relationship between Heihachi and Wang, the latter not working for the Mishimas since Kazuya's death.

Ogre's victims included King I and Baek Doo San (the latter one survived, but remained in a coma until Tekken 5). Michelle Chang found out that the real reason behind Ogre's awakening was actually Heihachi, thus making him responsible for those deaths as well.

Jin mastered the Mishima karate style and mixed it with the Kazama fighting style from his mother and uncle. Eventually, 3 years later, on Jin's nineteenth birthday, Heihachi announced the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, hoping it would cause Ogre to reveal himself with so many strong fighters around. Michelle Chang returned to Japan to meet Heihachi and learn more about Ogre, however she was kidnapped by Heihachi himself for her pendant, which caused Michelle's adoptive daughter, Julia, to go after Heihachi to find out the truth. Heihachi planned to use her pendant to awaken Ogre in the Aztec Temple in which he was successful in doing.

Heihachi saw that Jin had the same "dangerous power" which Kazuya had too, so he decided to kill Jin after he captured Ogre, to avoid a possible replication of the past troubles with Kazuya.

Jin Kazama and Paul Phoenix were the strongest fighters of the Tournament. Eventually Paul entered the temple ruins and fought against Ogre, managing to defeat him. However, after Paul left for home, Ogre raised again still alive and the Tournament continued. Instead of capturing Ogre himself, Heihachi preferred using Jin as a bait. Jin met Ogre in the ruins, who morphed into his second form, also called True Ogre.

Jin defeated Ogre in a long fight, yet before Heihachi could capture his body, he dissappeared. Before Jin could do anything else, the Tekken Force with started shooting him and Heihachi was the last who personally shot him, apparently to death. This betrayal awakened the Devil in Jin. Consumed by a sudden rage and hatred coming from his father, Devil Jin attacked the Tekken Force and threw Heihachi out of the temple, yet he flew away instead of killing him. Heihachi watched Devil Jin flying away in the sky. His plan of capturing Ogre failed, but he still took what remained of Ogre in the hope of realizing his dreams.

Heihachi's pet, Kuma, abandoned him after blaming his master for "his incompetence" in training him and understanding him, believing that as long as he was Heihachi's pet, he would be unable to harness the power of his natural instincts, no matter how much he trained. Determined to revive his wild instincts, Kuma trained by himself in the mountains of Hokkaido. Though, Heihachi always belived Kuma would return to him one day and it would be an happy reunion.

At the time, Heihachi offered Dr. Abel to join the Mishima Zaibatsu as his right-hand advisor and the main leader scientist of his research labs. Abel abandoned his revived creation, Bryan Fury, and supported Heihachi's evil plans while he kept conducting amoral and cruel experiments on living human beings. He became lead supervisor of Heihachi's most important scientific project that would provide him the power to enslave the world and make it like Heihachi wanted.

Tekken 4

Heihachi failed to capture Ogre, but with the help of scientists, he collected samples of his blood, skin tissues, and hoof fragments to conduct genetic experiments. Ogre's blood was used to create a new life form by combining Heihachi's and Ogre's genetic material. The experiment failed, but Heihachi learned from Doctor Abel that the Devil Gene was necessary to integrate Ogre's genetic code with his own. To get the Devil Gene Heihachi searched Jin, who had transformed into a devil in the last Tournament.

Two years pass after Ogre's death and Jin was nowhere to be found. Not even his old friends, including Xiaoyu had a clue of his whereabouts. During the searching, Heihachi retrieved a photographs made 20 years ago in the mountains with the volcano where Kazuya's body was thrown. The photo had a shocking revelation: a body, severely burned and ruined with lacerations, flying away from the volcano. Heihachi paid particular attention to the corpse’s back, which had what looked like deformed, protruding wing-like limbs. Heihachi had no doubt it was no one but his son Kazuya, who died 20 years ago. Kazuya was actually dead, yet Devil's other half took control of the corpse and flew away as its other half would become Devil Jin. Heihachi likely already assumed that Kazuya had inherited the Devil Gene through his mother Kazumi, after being attacked by Devil Jin.

Heihachi diverted all his resources into a search for the body. This search eventually led Heihachi toHeihachi learned that Kazuya's body was found a few days later and stored in biotech firm called G Corporation, who was making revolutionary advances in the field of biogenetics researches. G Corporation extracted and analyzed its genetic data. The scientists of G Corporation's research facility brought Kazuya back to life after fixing his body and burned (but still scarred) skin. Kazuya offered his body as research material to determine the true nature of the Devil that resided within him. For 20 years Kazuya let the world believed he was dead, for he knew it was important for him to learn how control his Devil and use its power at will. With G Corporation's aid Kazuya investigated the biomechanics of the Devil Gene within him by subjecting himself to various experiments. Kazuya’s goal was to unify his two selves into one. Kazuya theorized that if he unified his body with the Devil, he would be able to truly harness its powers. Kazuya believed that only once that he unlocked the power of the Devil Gene he would be powerful enough to defeat his father and destroy the Mishima Zaibatsu. This caused, 20 years later, Kazuya and Devil to being able to co-exist. Kazuya's "good side" died and him and Devil became almost a single being and personality (though the Devil Gene will always have a will of its own).

Friday, 25 December. Unaware that Kazuya had actually been alive and learning to control his emotions during all these 20 years, Heihachi sent the Tekken Force to raid G Corporation's maximum security research laboratory in Nepal, to obtain what he thought it would have been Kazuya's remains. The bottom floors of the building were obliterated, and the remaining data storage facility containing file servers was airlifted by a group of heavy-duty helicopters.

At the same time, a separate unit led by Heihachi infiltrated the underground research facility in Nebraska, where Kazuya’s remains were preserved. As Heihachi observed from his helicopter, he soon realized that unlike the Nepal facility, the operations in Nebraska were not going according to plan. The tactical status monitor screens showed the first wave of the Tekken Force troops being blown out from the storage room where Kazuya’s remains were supposedly kept.

Kazuya arrived and retaliated by personally defending G Corporation's laboratory in the Nebraska facility and killing the Tekken Force soldiers. A shocked Heihachi watched on his screen as Kazuya killed his men and then talked directly to his father through the communication, promising he would take everything back. The Tekken Force blew up the entire place.

Kazuya was furious: once again, Heihachi thwarted his plans. Much to Kazuya's rage, Heihachi's Tekken Force still managed to destroy the labs and stealing the data of G Corporation, containing also the GENOCELL project. This also angered the G Corporation leaders, who wanted Heihachi dead for this.

Heihachi was angry as well, because Kazuya was still alive and threatening his plans and experiments for world domination. He was so infuriated by Kazuya’s escape and took out his anger on his hapless subordinates who reported the escape. As Heihachi’s lead scientific advisor, Doctor Abel urged the enraged Heihachi to quickly find a way to capture Kazuya. The mad scientist advised Heihachi to lure Kazuya into a trap and captured him to that Abel might experiment on his body and give Heihachi what he wants.

To create a new life form with Ogre's blood, Heihachi needed the body of Kazuya or Jin, because both have the Devil Gene. After much deliberation, an evil smile spread across Heihachi's lips and he decided to announced the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, knowing that Kazuya would not resist the temptation and try to take back the Zaibatsu. In fact Heihachi was so determinated to get ultimate power, that this time he put in prize something much more vauluable than just money: the entire Mishima Empire and all its incomes for the winner. Well aware that the tournament was just a trap designed to lure him out, Kazuya nevertheless entered because it was his chance to defeat Heihachi.

The Mishima Zaibatsu used the GENOCELL research they had stolen from G Corporation to aid one of their own projects, led by Doctor Abel; the merging of devil cells with human cells. When trying to merge the cells together, under normal circumstances, the devil cells destroyed the human cells, however, through the use of GENOCELL, the devil cells could be suppressed and the creation of a viable lifeform could be made possible.

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 turned out to be the bait of many old enmities of Heihachi. Violet, the robot-builder CEO of the multinational Violet Systems wanted the Mishima Zaibatsu to financiate his projects as well as add more wealth and power for himself; in reality Violet was actually Lee Chaolan who returned in Japan 20 years later to inherit the Zaibatsu, defeat Heihachi and control the world. Both Heihachi and Kazuya feel disrespected that Lee, who is considered the runt of the family, has managed to build something that great on his own, and is also one of the investors of great modern cities in the world. From Heihachi and Kazuya's perspectives, Lee wore out his welcome in the Mishima family by acting unloyal, jealous, and resentful. Kuma came from Hokkaido to take the Zaibatsu for himself and Ling Xiaoyu, who blamed Heihachi for Jin's disappearance, entered the Tournament to find her lost friend and bring out Mishima's dirty business and dark secret to public.

But Heihachi most powerful enemy was the G Corporation itself, which included Kazuya as a member. Julia Chang was part of a research group that studied the biological mechanism of reforestation. Professor T's research grant came almost exclusively from G Corporation. In fact, G Corporation's supercomputers located at their high security research center were being used for the research. All their research data was stored on their file servers as well. Julia learned from Professor T that their research was on hold indefinitely. Julia's enemy, the Mishima Zaibatsu, attacked G Corporation's high security research center and stole all research data from her project. Julia didn't know a thing about G Corporation's secret research projects nor did she care about them. Yet she knew that she had to retrieve her research data from the Mishima Zaibatsu in order to save her home from becoming a desert in a few years time.

Heihachi's bait was getting even more successful when not only Kazuya, but Jin Kazama entered the tournament too. Heihachi waited patiently and planned to have Jin and Kazuya chained in the Hon-Maru temple in the isolated forest. The same place he had imprisoned his father Jinpachi beneath the temple.

During the Tournament Heihachi ordered Tekken Force to capture Jin. Jin had to face his own father, and he planned to kill him before doing the same to his grandfather as well. However, on the way to fight Kazuya, Jin was ambushed and captured by Tekken Force before he could face his father and was taken and chained in the Hon-Maru. Kazuya knew Heihachi was responsible for this.

Heihachi's leader of the GENOCELL research, Dr. Abel, was attacked (and presumably killed) in the undergrounds of the Mishima Scientific Research laboratories by his own evil creation from the past, Bryan Fury. While Bryan had his own reason to infiltrate the Mishima labs, Ling Xiaoyu tried to find more information about Heihachi in the hopes to retrieve Jin at the Mishima Tower. Both Bryan and Xiaoyu were rescued by Yoshimitsu, who told Xiaoyu the truth behind the Mishimas and what actually happened between Heihachi and Kazuya in the past.

As the finalist of the Tournament, Kazuya met Heihachi in the final battle. Kazuya asked Heihachi where Jin was. Heihachi promised he would answer after the fight; he was planning to take Kazuya to Hon-Maru after winning the fight and finish him off along with Jin by chaining him. He intentionally did this because he was more interested in torturing Kazuya. Heihachi fought with Kazuya and defeated him, thus saving his place as leader of the Zaibatsu (which is why Kazuya wasn't considered the owner of the Zaibatsu by Mishima men in Tekken 5). Heihachi didn't kill his son and they both went to Hon-Maru, as promised.

Arrived in Hon-Maru, Kazuya saw Jin imprisoned and chained. Before he could see any reaction from Kazuya or imprison him, Heihachi found himself speaking with a darker entity inside Kazuya's body: Devil. Devil Kazuya finally revealed himself to Heihachi and explained how Heihachi almost killed him 20 years ago. Kazuya's fall in the volcano almost destroyed Devil, and resulted with him splitting in half, the other half now being Jin's Devil. Devil Kazuya told the worried Heihachi that his sole purpose was to take back his lost half, that was "rightfully his". As a retaliation for all the troubles Heihachi gave him, Devil Kazuya used his power to kill Heihachi. Then he tried to take back Jin's Devil, yet he failed, thanks to Jun Kazama's blood, which caused Kazuya to go into one of his old identity crisis from the past. Devil asked Kazuya what was he doing before he got himself under control again. Kazuya realized that he had to kill Jin in order to get back the full power of his Devil. Kazuya awakened his son and fought him in Hon-Maru.

Heihachi is of course extremely hard to kill and survived Devil Kazuya's strike. When he awakened Kazuya was laying on the ground unconscious after fight with Jin. Heihachi decided to kill his grandson and fought against him. Jin defeated Heihachi as well and prepared to kill him for good. Full of repressed anger and hatred, Jin lost control and his Devil was taking over, his wings coming out. He was near to kill Heihachi, but a vision of his mother (spirit?) changed his mind. He let go of Heihachi and suddenly said to him "Thank my mother, Jun Kazama" and flew away from Hon-Maru.

Tekken 5

G Corporation wanted Heihachi dead. Still unknown to the Mishima Zaibatsu at this point, G Corporation actually had the knowledge to create the fighting robot series known as Jack. This thanks from a young female scientist who had the lost memories and technology of Jack, Jack-2, and Gun Jack. The scientist was Jane, who was no other but the little girl whom Jack-2 had saved and protected 20 years ago. Now an adult, Jane had been stealing knowledge to build Jacks from the Zaibatsu 2 years ago (information that was property of Kazuya and Doctor B.) and was rescued from Heihachi's men and Dr. Abel by Gun Jack and men of G Corporation, who offered her a position to work as its member. As a G Corporation neutral lead scientist, Jane created the model of Jack-4, and an army of this series was used by the G Corporation leaders to dispose of both Heihachi and Kazuya, the latter who was betrayed by his own allies.

Shortly after their loss to Jin, Heihachi and Kazuya in Hon-Maru were attacked by a squad of Jack-4's sent by G Corporation. At first, Heihachi suspected that Kazuya was responsible for the intrusion but realized that Kazuya was just as bewildered by the sudden attack. The two worked together against the robots until Heihachi started to lose his breath and Kazuya betrayed him and sold him out by tossing him to the Jacks. Kazuya transformed into his controlled Devil form and fled. As Heihachi cursed him, A Jack just activated a self-destruct sequence, and Heihachi was confirmed dead in the entire world. The next day, news of Heihachi Mishima's death spread rapidly across the globe. Most people believed that Heihachi's death would bring about the end of the Mishima Zaibatsu, but behind the scenes someone else had taken control, and business went on as usual.

Heihachi is a playable character in Tekken 5, yet none of his story mode is canonical. Heihachi was still unconcious. His father Jinpachi died under Hon-Maru 40 years ago, but was brought back to life and possessed by an unknown vindictive evil spirit from the old times of Japan, who sought to destroy the world with Jinpachi's body. In his lat moment of human awareness, Jinpachi tried to have a strong fighter killing him before the demon consumed him, personally sending a letter to Wang Jinrei to return in Japan and destroy him. At the same time China fell in utter chaos and frequent riots, that had been caused by the wrath of Feng Wei, a power hungry Kenpo fighter who murdered several dojo martial artists in China and Japan. In his search for Feng to arrest him, detective Lei Wulong found out that the Mishima Zaibatsu was behind everything, as Feng was trying to retrieve an old ancient scroll that was stolen by Heihachi.

With Heihachi confirmed dead, Kuma felt lost on his own, having realized his desire to defeat Paul Phoenix. The bear tried to become the new president of Mishima Zaibatsu as Heihachi's successor, vowed revenge against Heihachi's enemies and tried to save the conglomerate for his former master. However, Jinpachi was destroyed by Jin Kazama, who was almost completely consumed by his demon.

The explosion caused by the Jacks in the Hon-Maru temple would have killed an ordinary human. But Heihachi, was no ordinary man. He held off the Jacks and survived the ambush. In reality, he was just tossed a few miles away from the explosion and landed on a graveyard. He was unconscious for weeks. One month later, he awaked. By the time the 5th Tournament was already over and Jin Kazama, who had defeated the returned demonic Jinpachi Mishima, was now the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Tekken 6

Knowing that Kazuya had lost the fourth Tournament, Heihachi went back to home without any knowledge of the events that occurred at the fifth Tournament. Suddenly, his entry had been blocked and was ambushed by the Tekken Force, who was serving under Jin Kazama, since he took over the Mishima Zaibatsu. Heihachi was furious when he heard that Jin had taken control of the Zaibatsu and later entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 in order to regain his company.

Unaware of Heihachi being still alive, Jin went on declaring war to the entire world for no reason given. Meanwhile, Kazuya took over G Corporation, after killing all of its previous leaders as a retaliation for their betrayal. The world's nations were losing against the Mishima Zaibatsu in the conflict that was World War III, and only the G Corporation was the only resistance movement that was strong enough to oppose him. The world glorified Kazuya as the true hero and Jin as the evil villain. Kazuya recruited again his old henchmen Anna Williams and Bruce Irvin, while Jin recruited Nina Williams and Eddy Gordo.

Kuma remained convinced that he was the only one who could save the Mishima Zaibatsu. With great resolve, he set out for the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters, only to find Jin waiting there for him. Believing himself to be stronger than Jin and Kazuya, Kuma fought against Jin in Heihachi's name and as a candidate for the leadership of the Zaibatsu. But Jin unleashed a pummeling against Kuma, then dropped him from a helicopter back into the plains of Hokkaido, apparently killing in in the "Mishima way" (throwing family members from high places). Despite the tremendous fall, Kuma survived and traversed the vast plains in search of the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters. Jin banished Kuma from the Zaibatsu. As the "king of the bears" in the forest, he was determined to defeat Jin and take his place as the rightful successor at the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Heihachi took back Mishima Estate with his own loyal mercenaries and faked his death as he did 23 years ago. He had many spies reporting him Jin and Kazuya's movements. Besides Kazuya, other resistance movements were still fighting, including the ones of Hwoarang and Baek Doo San and the Tekken Force rebel group of traitors, led by Lars Alexandersson, a former commander of Heihachi's Tekken Force. Jin declared the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to get rid of his father, G Corporation, and other enemies. Patiently, Heihachi started to plan a way to regain control of the Zaibatsu and get rid of his son and grandson once and for all.

Working as Jin's agents, Nina Williams went to Mishima Estate to confirm the rumors about Heihachi's being alive and retaking the Estate from Jin. Heihachi almost found Nina, who left the place and went back to report to her boss.

In the Scenario Campaign mode Heihachi met Lars Alexandersson in Mishima Estate, who recovered his lost memories and defeated him in a fight. There Lars finally reveal to Heihachi that he is an illegitimate son from him and a Swedish woman. Heihachi had no doubts, as Lars wouldn't have been able to stand against him for so long otherwise. Alisa Bosconovitch was opposed against killing him, as Heihachi was Lars's father. Lars left Heihachi and Mishima Estate when Tougou informed him that the epitaph from the ancient ruins in Mexico was retrieved. Heihachi decided to not interfere in the war between Jin and Kazuya and mantained an optimistic and sanguine behavior about the situation, hoping that between his sons and grandson, one of them would be at least able to destroy another and do the dirty work for Heihachi. Despite being now 75 years old, he still retains his old strength, though Heihachi claims he was even stronger in his old days.

Heihachi's Scenario Campaign

Using Heihachi in his own non-canonical story for the Scenario Campaign, Heihachi acts as an anti-hero figure. Sometimes rude, cruel, and arrogant and other times reasonable and affably. Heihachi shows a deep disgust for what Jin has done to the world and his Zaibatsu. He acts rather amused when he meets Kazuya, with a "same old same old" attitude everytime he faces him. He acts rather chivalry towards women (despite what he did to Michelle back in Tekken 3) and seems to be friendly towards Xiaoyu, Kuma, and Alisa. He acts as his villainous self when meeting Wang and Lee in their stages. Heihachi is very opposed against Azazel, Jin, and Kazuya and sees himself as the real hero.

Tekken 7


Heihachi is ready for his final battle.

"Beneath the pale moon, Mishima Dojo lies steeped in silence. Within, Heihachi reflects on what happened on that spot long ago, when he fought his wife, Kazumi, to the death. Suddenly, a mysterious man appears, piercing the silence... What does fate have in store for Heihachi?"

Heihachi Mishima appears in Tekken 7 where it's revealed that he seemingly killed his wife Kazumi in the past but despite this he still loves her.

With the war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation raging on, the battles soon turn over to G Corporation's favor, as the Zaibatsu's leader, Jin Kazama suddenly disappears. Exploiting his absence, Heihachi Mishima regains control of the Zaibatsu, and maintains the antagonistic role of the company in the fight against Kazuya Mishima and G Corporation. As the war reaches its end, so does the conflict of the Mishima family.

Heihachi's pet, Kuma, was retrieved in the Hokkaido Wilderness by a group of Tekken Force members, sent by Heihachi, who heard of Kuma's resistance against Jin during his absence. Shortly after returning, he was ordered to join the Tekken Force, which saw him fight vigorously and undertaking various missions.

Heihachi is first seen in a flashback while fighting Kazuya as a child after murdering his wife, Kazumi. Heihachi easily knocked out Kazuya, and later threw his son off a cliff.

After Jin's presumed disappearance through supposed sacrifice of destroying Azazel, Heihachi infiltrates the Mishima Zaibatsu and defeats many Tekken Force soldiers. He then fights and defeats Nina, forcing her and the Tekken Force to work for him with his claim that he alone can restore the Mishima Zaibatsu to its former glory. Heihachi then launches a worldwide broadcast of his return and the announcement of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7, with the intention of exposing Kazuya's devil form to the world.

His next step is to fly to the Archers of Siriusmain base to get the organization on his side, despite their refusals in the past. After he and Nina dispose several exorcists, Heihachi battles and defeats their leader Claudio Serafino, telling him that they are working for the same goal of bringing down the devil.

Later, Heihachi launches a worldwide search for Jin to use him to expose the devil to the world. But he then learns that his illegitimate son, Lars, has rescued Jin in the Middle East and is hiding him. After the Tekken Force fails to capture Jin, Alisa, and Lee, Heihachi warns Nina that he does not give second chances, prompting her to apprehend Jin herself.

Meditating at the Mishima dojo, Heihachi is suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant, who simply calls himself as "someone whose fists know no equal." The two of them battle, but their fight is interrupted by an army ofJack-6 sent by his son Kazuya to kill him. They form a temporary truce and take out the robots. Afterwards, Heihachi learns that his opponent's name is Akuma, and that he is repaying a debt to Kazumi by targeting both Heihachi and Kazuya. Startled by this revelation, Heihachi battles Akuma again but ultimately loses the fight and is seemingly killed by his assailant.

However, Heihachi survives and returns to the Mishima Zaibatsu. With Akuma going after Kazuya and Jin still missing, he decides to take advantage of the situation. He orders the Tekken Force to announce his death and that the tournament is off. He then has the fight between Kazuya and Akuma broadcasted worldwide, exposing the former's devil form and turning public opinion against G Corporation. Afterwards, Heihachi launches a laser attack from a satellite, destroying G Corporation tower. Believing Kazuya to be dead, Heihachi laughs with his supposed victory. But when his satellite is suddenly destroyed by Kazuya, he is horrified to learn that his son had survived, and the Mishima Zaibatsu is under scrutiny once again for supposedly destroying its own satellite.

In an unknown location, Heihachi meets with an investigative journalist who was looking into the Mishima Zaibatsu. Impressed on all that the journalist had already found, Heihachi decides to tell him about the dark secrets of the Mishima family.

Many years ago, Kazumi had arrived at Jinpachi's dojo when she was only a child, becoming his son's rival in training. Heihachi found himself attracted to her and the two of them fell in love. In time, Kazuya was born, and both parents were filled with joy. But all of this happiness soon faded away when Kazumi developed a fever one day. While Heihachi was nursing his wife back to health, Kazumi suddenly got up and attacked him. The following day, her fever subsided and she had no recollection of what she had done to Heihachi. As this continued on, Heihachi simply dismissed it as her having a split personality. But on one stormy night, while training at the dojo, he was confronted by his wife, who claimed that he would one day become a threat to the world. During the battle, Heihachi learned from Kazumi that she married into the Mishima family for the sole purpose of killing him on behalf of the Hachijou family. Despite her transformation into a devil, Heihachi defeated and seemingly killed Kazumi. When he turned to leave, he was attacked again by her devil form but he held her up by the neck. As she pleaded for her life, Heihachi noticed it's a trap, and shouted that she was no longer the Kazumi that he loved and snapped her neck. Letting go, Heihachi looked down on the corpse of his wife and shed one single tear. Because of the Hachijou clan's sudden betrayal and their evil nature, Heihachi becomes too paranoid for the rest of his tragic life as of the present.

After telling the journalist of Kazumi's death, Heihachi reveals that he threw Kazuya off a cliff to see if his son was not human, since he had his mother's cursed blood. Regretting not killing Kazuya when he had the chance, Heihachi decides that it is time to expose the truth of the devil to the world and be judged. Taunting the journalist by claiming responsibility for the deaths of his family, Heihachi reveals that he knew all along that the journalist had joined forces with Lars and had him taken away. He then had the Zaibatsu call his illegitimate son to pick up the journalist.

A few hours later, Heihachi confronts Kazuya for the final time at the mouth of a volcano. After a long exchange of blows at each other, Heihachi ends up fighting his son who transforms into the devil and loses. But even after being defeated, Heihachi musters all of his remaining strength and fights Kazuya again, who reverts back into his human form. Even though the two of them are worn out from the fight, they continue to exchange blows with one another until Kazuya delivers a fatal blow to Heihachi in the chest, killing his father once and for all. Heihachi's corpse is then tossed into a river of magma by Kazuya.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Heihachi (PSASBR)

Heihachi in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Heihachi makes an appearance as one of the playable character in the video game Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Finally, after all those years of research. The formula has been perfected. And the results are astounding. Ah, to be young again! The whole world looks brand new and is mine for the taking. And now I have the chance to test my abilities. To push myself harder than ever before. My pathetic family and their weaknesses will have to wait. Warriors, the likes of whom I've never encountered before, stand ready to fight. But are they ready for the new Heihachi Mishima?
~ Heihachi's opening.
After all these years, Heihachi finally perfected the youth formula. Being younger, Heihachi thought the whole world looks brand new, and his for the taking. Heihachi decided to test his abilities, by pushing himself harder than before. But instead of dealing with his family first and dealing with their weaknesses, Heihachi decided to go to a place with warriors he's never encountered before, and fight them.

Confronting Toro

Heihachi vs Toro

Heihachi confronting Toro and Kuro.

As Heihachi fought off these warriors one by one, he was utterly disappointed, and that none could truly test his abilities. Shortly after, Heihachi encountered the cats; Toro and Kuro, while thinking that the trial was a waste. While that was going on, Toro and Kuro were trying to figure out if they were staring at Heihachi, but during the conversation, Toro accidentally called Heihachi an elder Warrior. Angered, Heihachi replied by asking if he looks like a feeble old man. Toro tried to tell him he meant no harm, but Kuro replied if Heihachi is feeble or not. More enraged, Heihachi confronted both Toro and Kuro at the same time. Despite Heihachi being outnumber 2 to 1, Heihachi managed to defeat both Toro and Kuro.

Confronting Polygon Man and Acquiring his Power

I've performed better than I could ever imagined. The formula has given me reflexes and strength I haven't felt since the prime of my youth. I am a young man again. The fire that burned within me now burns even stronger. All my old strength has returned. But that's not all. The formula must have changed me in other ways. I now possess a power like no other. Soon the world will witness the true power of Heihachi Mishima!
~ Heihachi's ending.
Shortly after the defeat of Toro and Kuro, Heihachi encountered Polygon Man. The two fought each other, but Heihachi managed to defeat Polygon Man and acquired his power. After the defeat of Polygon Man, Heihachi was proud of himself, that he did better than he expected. He also replied that the formula gave him strength and reflexes that he hadn't felt since the prime of his youth. He also thought that the formula did more than he expected, and that it gave him a power like no other. With this new power, Heihachi decided to use this power to take over the world.

Super Moves

Like every characters in this Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Heihachi has three super moves that can be used during a fight.

  • Level 1: Lightning Hammer- Heihachi stomps the ground so hard that it emits a lightning bolt that travels upwards.
  • Level 2: Kuma Tag Team!- Heihachi summons Kuma to help him fight the opponents. Kuma attacks with claws, body slam, and farts.
  • Level 3: Rockets Away!- Heihachi straps his opponents onto a rocket. He watches with a pair of binoculars as they are being into outer space. After the rocket launches, Heihachi laughs out loud as there's nothing the opponents can't do about it.

Project X Zone


Project X Zone Appearance

Heihachi makes an appearance in Project X Zone. He is a boss and is a support character for any of the playable characters. He remained as a support character in the sequel.

Crosspedia Entry

A master of Mishima Style Fighting Karate, and also known as the "King of Iron Fist." Just as this name suggests, he has fists capable of destroying everything in his path, and the force of will to return alive from even the most massive explosions. Cold and ruthless, he will even manipulate other members of his own family, and totally crush anyone who stands against him. The Devil Gene found in his son, Kazuya, and grandson, Jin, quickly caught his attention, and he hurried to find a way to obtain that power for himself. He is also extremely aware of the deterioration of his body due to old age. After much research, he succeeded in creating a pharmaceutical fountain of youth. Having used the drug on himself, he he as now been restored to a younger and more powerful body.


  • Jin Kazama
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Kuma
  • Ganryu
  • Lee Chaolan
  • Paul Phoenix
  • King
  • Marshall Law
  • Forest Law
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Jack
  • Jack-2
  • Lei Wulong
  • Roger
  • Alex
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Julia Chang
  • Gun Jack
  • Mokujin
  • Ogre
  • True Ogre
  • Tetsujin
  • Jack-5
  • Jack-6






  • Heihachi is "the Heavy" of Tekken, being the main cause of the events of the series, besides the existence of the Devil Gene, which is Azazel's creation and centuries later could be found in Kazumi from her side of the family.
    • By revealing to his son Kazuya that he killed Kazumi (Kazuya's mother) in "cold blood" and had his son to get revenge completely on his father, throwing him off a cliff which may have awakened the Devil Gene,Kazuya had inherited for Heihachi's confirmation on him, and ruining his childhood, Heihachi caused Kazuya to grew up as a cold blooded person and his own Demon Cells surely didn't help to become nicer.
      • In reality, Kazumi was the direct cause of Heihachi's downfall, turning him into a paranoid man he is now over the danger of Devil Gene's existence, as her attempt to kill his ex-husband and son, but Heihachi had no choice but to kill her while heart-broken. This also causes Heihachi to lie to Kazuya about Kazumi's downfall.
    • Heihachi's wrongdoing is the trigger of various negative events in the storylines of many Tekken supporting characters, such as Michelle Chang, Ling Xiaoyu, Kuma, Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, Steve Fox, Nina Williams, Feng Wei, Bryan Fury, Doctor Bosconovitch, Julia Chang, Jack, Jane, Dr.Abel, Lei Wulong, Combot, Mokujin, and others.
    • Although Ogre is the main antagonist in Tekken 3, it's Heihachi who awakened him for his own greed and is the one who used Jin and Michelle for his own goal to capture the alien monster. Heihachi is indirectly responsible for the deaths of King I and the aggression of Baek Doo San and Jun Kazama's disappearance by Ogre.
    • Miguel blames Heihachi for all the bad things in Tekken and the world war against Jin, stating that it was Heihachi who put humanity in that situation in the first place. Kuma states that all his grief and the chaotic situation happened because of his master's incompetence (in Tekken 3 and 4 and provoking G Corporation)
  • In Tekken 5's Devil Within minigame, G Corporation scientists created some Heihachi clones along with a modified Gun Jack in a lab structure in Mexico, built above old ruins where Ogre regenerated after recovering for 2 years from his defeat. Jin destroyed the Heihachi clones. Namco has never confirmed if the minigame's story is canon, but chronologically it takes place a month after Tekken 4 and prior the Tekken 5's story.
  • Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, and Miharu Hirano are among the people who attend Heihachi's school (although, as of the end of the third tournament, Jin stopped attending). Although Jin was the owner of this school in Tekken 6, Heihachi's statue remained there intact.
  • In the non-canonical movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Heihachi kept faking his death like in the games and let Jin and Kazuya fight against each other:
    • The movie happens between Tekken 5 and 6, after Heihachi was ambushed by the Tekken Force and Jin already started to fight against Kazuya, who already leader of G Corporation
    • it was shown that a secret laboratory where Shin Kamiya and his friends were used as Heihachi's test subjects for immortality is located underground. Shin was also a former student who was transferred to KIS (Kyoto International School) with Xiaoyu and Alisa.
    • Heihachi used Shin as a bait for Kazuya and Jin to lure them in the Kyoto castle, kill them, and find the ancient power of Mokujin.
    • In this version, Heihachi doesn't seem to like Xiaoyu and Panda like in the games and even tried to kill them with his Mokujin monster. The half-events of the movie don't affect the games, where Jin learned about his grandfather's status from Nina in the game.


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