Villain Overview
No one can defeat me!
~ Heihachi Mishima
I'll be quick with your death!
~ Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi Mishima is the main antagonist in the Tekken fighting video game series, as well as the most recurring one. A vile and power hungry monster, he is almost always responsible for the events of the games but his impact seems to decrease during the events of Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, after his last defeat and false death after Tekken 4, yet he is still the indirect reason of the events in those games as well. In Tekken 7, he seems to regain his prominence as a character and it is revealed that Heihachi himself wasn't directly responsible for the fued or the events that followed, but rather the only woman he loved, Kazumi Mishima. He was the host of the first, third, fourth and seventh king of iron fist tournaments being the final boss of 1 and 4 while being the sub-boss of 3 and 7.He is the arch-enemy of both his son Kazuya and his grandson Jin.

Heihachi was the main antagonist of the first Tekken game, the anti-villainous main protagonist and of Tekken 2, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Ogre) of Tekken 3, The Main Antagonist of Tekken 4, a supporting antagonist for both Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, and acting as both the main antagonist and the villain-protagonist of Tekken 7, alongside Kazuya. He is also the main antagonist of the film Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Heihachi has made several appearance in other non-canonical games and animations, either as playable character, a boss or main antagonist, or just cameos.

In the original Japanese versions, he was initially voiced by the seiyu Banjo Ginga in the first game, only to be replaced by the late Daisuke Gōri (who also provided voice for Baron Praxis in the Japanese version of Jak II) and later the late Unshō Ishizuka. 

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Heihachi (PSASBR)

Heihachi in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Heihachi makes an appearance as one of the playable character in the video game Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Finally, after all those years of research. The formula has been perfected. And the results are astounding. Ah, to be young again! The whole world looks brand new and is mine for the taking. And now I have the chance to test my abilities. To push myself harder than ever before. My pathetic family and their weaknesses will have to wait. Warriors, the likes of whom I've never encountered before, stand ready to fight. But are they ready for the new Heihachi Mishima?
~ Heihachi's opening.
After all these years, Heihachi finally perfected the youth formula. Being younger, Heihachi thought the whole world looks brand new, and his for the taking. Heihachi decided to test his abilities, by pushing himself harder than before. But instead of dealing with his family first and dealing with their weaknesses, Heihachi decided to go to a place with warriors he's never encountered before, and fight them.

Confronting Toro

Heihachi vs Toro

Heihachi confronting Toro and Kuro.

As Heihachi fought off these warriors one by one, he was utterly disappointed, and that none could truly test his abilities. Shortly after, Heihachi encountered the cats; Toro and Kuro, while thinking that the trial was a waste. While that was going on, Toro and Kuro were trying to figure out if they were staring at Heihachi, but during the conversation, Toro accidentally called Heihachi an elder Warrior. Angered, Heihachi replied by asking if he looks like a feeble old man. Toro tried to tell him he meant no harm, but Kuro replied if Heihachi is feeble or not. More enraged, Heihachi confronted both Toro and Kuro at the same time. Despite Heihachi being outnumber 2 to 1, Heihachi managed to defeat both Toro and Kuro.

Confronting Polygon Man and Acquiring his Power

I've performed better than I could ever imagined. The formula has given me reflexes and strength I haven't felt since the prime of my youth. I am a young man again. The fire that burned within me now burns even stronger. All my old strength has returned. But that's not all. The formula must have changed me in other ways. I now possess a power like no other. Soon the world will witness the true power of Heihachi Mishima!
~ Heihachi's ending.
Shortly after the defeat of Toro and Kuro, Heihachi encountered Polygon Man. The two fought each other, but Heihachi managed to defeat Polygon Man and acquired his power. After the defeat of Polygon Man, Heihachi was proud of himself, that he did better than he expected. He also replied that the formula gave him strength and reflexes that he hadn't felt since the prime of his youth. He also thought that the formula did more than he expected, and that it gave him a power like no other. With this new power, Heihachi decided to use this power to take over the world.

Super Moves

Like every characters in this Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Heihachi has three super moves that can be used during a fight.

  • Level 1: Lightning Hammer- Heihachi stomps the ground so hard that it emits a lightning bolt that travels upwards.
  • Level 2: Kuma Tag Team!- Heihachi summons Kuma to help him fight the opponents. Kuma attacks with claws, body slam, and farts.
  • Level 3: Rockets Away!- Heihachi straps his opponents onto a rocket. He watches with a pair of binoculars as they are being into outer space. After the rocket launches, Heihachi laughs out loud as there's nothing the opponents can't do about it.

Project X Zone


Project X Zone Appearance

Heihachi makes an appearance in Project X Zone. He is a boss and is a support character for any of the playable characters. He remained as a support character in the sequel.

Crosspedia Entry

A master of Mishima Style Fighting Karate, and also known as the "King of Iron Fist." Just as this name suggests, he has fists capable of destroying everything in his path, and the force of will to return alive from even the most massive explosions. Cold and ruthless, he will even manipulate other members of his own family, and totally crush anyone who stands against him. The Devil Gene found in his son, Kazuya, and grandson, Jin, quickly caught his attention, and he hurried to find a way to obtain that power for himself. He is also extremely aware of the deterioration of his body due to old age. After much research, he succeeded in creating a pharmaceutical fountain of youth. Having used the drug on himself, he he as now been restored to a younger and more powerful body.


  • Jin Kazama
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Kuma
  • Ganryu
  • Lee Chaolan
  • Paul Phoenix
  • King
  • Marshall Law
  • Forest Law
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Jack
  • Jack-2
  • Lei Wulong
  • Roger
  • Alex
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Julia Chang
  • Gun Jack
  • Mokujin
  • Ogre
  • True Ogre
  • Tetsujin
  • Jack-5
  • Jack-6



  • Heihachi is "the Heavy" of Tekken, being the main cause of the events of the series, besides the existence of the Devil Gene, which is Azazel's creation and centuries later could be found in Kazumi from her side of the family.
    • By revealing to his son Kazuya that he killed Kazumi (Kazuya's mother) in "cold blood" and had his son to get revenge completely on his father, throwing him off a cliff which may have awakened the Devil Gene,Kazuya had inherited for Heihachi's confirmation on him, and ruining his childhood, Heihachi caused Kazuya to grew up as a cold blooded person and his own Demon Cells surely didn't help to become nicer.
      • In reality, Kazumi was the direct cause of Heihachi's downfall, turning him into a paranoid man he is now over the danger of Devil Gene's existence, as her attempt to kill his ex-husband and son, but Heihachi had no choice but to kill her while heart-broken. This also causes Heihachi to lie to Kazuya about Kazumi's downfall.
    • Heihachi's wrongdoing is the trigger of various negative events in the storylines of many Tekken supporting characters, such as Michelle Chang, Ling Xiaoyu, Kuma, Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, Steve Fox, Nina Williams, Feng Wei, Bryan Fury, Doctor Bosconovitch, Julia Chang, Jack, Jane, Dr.Abel, Lei Wulong, Combot, Mokujin, and others.
    • Although Ogre is the main antagonist in Tekken 3, it's Heihachi who awakened him for his own greed and is the one who used Jin and Michelle for his own goal to capture the alien monster. Heihachi is indirectly responsible for the deaths of King I and the aggression of Baek Doo San and Jun Kazama's disappearance by Ogre.
    • Miguel blames Heihachi for all the bad things in Tekken and the world war against Jin, stating that it was Heihachi who put humanity in that situation in the first place. Kuma states that all his grief and the chaotic situation happened because of his master's incompetence (in Tekken 3 and 4 and provoking G Corporation)
  • In Tekken 5's Devil Within minigame, G Corporation scientists created some Heihachi clones along with a modified Gun Jack in a lab structure in Mexico, built above old ruins where Ogre regenerated after recovering for 2 years from his defeat. Jin destroyed the Heihachi clones. Namco has never confirmed if the minigame's story is canon, but chronologically it takes place a month after Tekken 4 and prior the Tekken 5's story.
  • Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, and Miharu Hirano are among the people who attend Heihachi's school (although, as of the end of the third tournament, Jin stopped attending). Although Jin was the owner of this school in Tekken 6, Heihachi's statue remained there intact.
  • Heihachi was the host of the first,third,fourth,and seventh torunaments.
  • In the non-canonical movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Heihachi kept faking his death like in the games and let Jin and Kazuya fight against each other:
    • The movie happens between Tekken 5 and 6, after Heihachi was ambushed by the Tekken Force and Jin already started to fight against Kazuya, who already leader of G Corporation
    • it was shown that a secret laboratory where Shin Kamiya and his friends were used as Heihachi's test subjects for immortality is located underground. Shin was also a former student who was transferred to KIS (Kyoto International School) with Xiaoyu and Alisa.
    • Heihachi used Shin as a bait for Kazuya and Jin to lure them in the Kyoto castle, kill them, and find the ancient power of Mokujin.
    • In this version, Heihachi doesn't seem to like Xiaoyu and Panda like in the games and even tried to kill them with his Mokujin monster. The half-events of the movie don't affect the games, where Jin learned about his grandfather's status from Nina in the game.
  • Heihachi was described by harada to be the embodiment of the evil lurking in the hearts of men.


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