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Little Swede, little Swede! Come here, like a man!
~ Heikki, while having a gunfire with Seth and Felix Rydell.
Do you want me to cut your little brother's finger as well? So you Swedish f*cks can grasp it!?
~ Heikki when interogating Seth.

Heikki Nieminen is the main antagonist of the 2012 film Johan Falk - Barninfiltratören ("The Child Infiltrator") which is part of the 1999 Swedish Johan Falk film series.

He was portrayed by Antti Reini.


Heikki is by far one of the most utterly monstrous and sadistic villains in the series, with a hobby in cutting other people's fingers and generally terrorizing everyone. However, he is shown to be rather humorous and entertaining, having a sense of black humor despite all of his viciousness, a lot of it coming from his sadism.

Heikki is extremely greedy and selfish, as shown at the end where he breaks into Seth and Felix's house and nearly kills both of them just for money. Another thing showing this is that he isn't shown being mad at Ricky and feeling pity for the old man who was accidentally murdered, but is rather mad at him due to the possibility of being caught.

According to Seth, Heikki has always been like this, calling him a "sadist", and "disturbed". However, he has probably became worse as time went on, apparently respecting Seth before going to jail. It is possible that his time in jail may have made him more psychotic, but this is never shown, and is unlikely since Seth already knew Heikki as a sadist before he went to jail.


Heikki is a Finnish crime lord that sells robbery concepts to young criminals. He sells one to Ricky Morén who then owes him money.

He intimidates Ricky and gives him 24 hours to pay him the money, who then becomes more desperate for money. When Ricky can't pay back in time, Heikki sadistically cuts his fingers off while smiling during a meeting with the Rydell Gang, and tells Seth that he should pay him instead.

At the climax, Heikki sends his gang to kill Ricky and consequently attack everyone nearby him, while sitting in his car. The attack goes out of hand, and Heikki risks everyone nearby's lives.

Heikki wants the money so badly that he breaks in to Seth's house and tries to force him to give him the money. Seth refuses, so Heikki starts a huge gunfire inside of his house. Seth secretly calls the police and they starts to shoot on each other, which in the process makes Heikki kill Seth's little brother Felix, making Seth cry desperately. He is about to shoot Seth, but the police comes in time and shoot Heikki.


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