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Heilang is a villain in the animated TV series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and the main antagonist of the episodes "The Secret Museum of Kung Fu" and "Mama Told Me Not to Kung Fu". He is the leader of the Lin Kuei, a band of nomadic wolves that are thieves and assassins trained in the art of stealth and combat. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche


When Po, Shifu and the Furious Five decide to go on a road trip to find the Secret Museum of Kung Fu, Heilang finds out about this and informs his men. When the group are on the road, Heilang and his men ambush them and steal the map and key to the museum.

At their camp, Heilang and the Lin Kuei celebrate their victory, only to find out that the map is blank much to their disappointment. Heilang then orders his men to pick up the group's trail and attack them once they get to the museum.

Po, Shifu, and the Five go their separate ways due to their constant arguing and with no knowledge of where the museum is due to the real map being lost centuries ago. Shifu eventually finds the temple but is knocked out by Heilang at the entrance. The Lin Kuei then sneak attack the Five and Po and imprison them and Shifu inside the temple. Heilang finds the Phantom Crystal , an crystal orb that allows it's wielder to phase through objects, and decides to loot the Valley of Peace and burn it to the ground after he and the Lin Kuei are done. In make sure that the villagers know who's in charge now, Heilang and the Lin Kuei will burn Shifu with the valley. Heilang taunts Po and the Five before leaving with Shifu.

Po and the Five free themselves from the temple and find and fight Heilang and the Lin Kuei. At first, the Lin Kuei have the upper hand but the Five managed to defeat them by working together. Po then fights Heilang but is unable to harm him due to the Phantom Crystal protecting him from Po's punches and kicks. Heilang bests Po and takes out his sword to finish Po once and for all. He stabs Po but Po survives due to having swiped the Phantom Crystal from Heilang. Po then defeats Heilang, knocking him out unconscious. 


  • Although Heilang and the Lin Kuei first appeared in "The Secret Museum of Kung Fu", their debut appearance was actually in "Mamma Told Me Not to Kung Fu" as the Furious Five and Po had no knowledge of who they were.



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