Ahh...the power of darkness is a thing of beauty, a black tapestry of chaos! A tapestry on which I shall paint an all-encompassing nocturne!
~ Hein

Hein (romanized as "Hyne" in the NES version) was an evil wizard and a boss in the videogame Final Fantasy III.

Hein sought to take over the world and become the most powerful being on it.


Hein was once King Argus's most trusted wizard and advisor, but he eventually fell to the dark side when the great earthquake struck the world. Once this happened, he cast an evil spell on the Elder Tree, which uprooted the poor tree and caused it to float around over a desert near the city of Tokkul. He, then, claimed this tree as his castle and hollowed out paths within it. Cursing all Argus's Soldiers to do his bidding, he pillaged Tokkul and eventually captured the Warriors of Light, imprisoning them along with King Argus himself. Managing to escape through a narrow passage, the Warriors of Light climbed the Elder Tree, eventually finding Hein and confronting him. They defeat Hein, thus lifting the curse upon the Elder Tree.


  • Hein appears in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy as a boss most common in Final Fantasy III stages.
  • The romanized alias "Hyne" was actually a major allusion to the "Great Hyne", the magical entity mentioned in Final Fantasy VIII's mythology who was thought be responsible for the Sorceress Energy in the universe and for the existence of the Sorceresses including the exiled tyrant Adel and the time-travelling witch Ultimecia as well as the orphanage headmistress Edea Kramer and freedom fighter Rinoa Heartilly.
  • Hein is most likely named after Magere Hein, the Dutch name for the Grim Reaper. This is fitting, as the Grim Reaper is often depicted as a sentient skeleton.
  • A character named Douglas Hein also appears as a major antagonist in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
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