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The struggles of weaklings are so vulgar.
~ One of Hein's victory quotes.

Hein is a villain in The King of Fighters XIV.

As the Howard Connection's butler and driver, he joins Geese Howard to fight in the Tournament being held by Antonov.

For the South Town Team's ending, Hein serves as the driver for Geese's limo as they escape James's men and head for Geese Tower. With the limo cornered, he and one of Geese's henchmen, Billy Kane decide to fight the gang together.


While he may seem polite on the outside, on the inside, he is actually a sadistic maniac.

Powers and Abilities

Hein uses a graceful fighting style called "Gambits" naming his moves after chess terms. He can also use gravitokinesis where he can alter the gravity of another.


  • Pawn: Hein twirls and thrusts his hand.
  • Knight: Hein jumps into his opponent's head, spins on it, then slams the opponent into the ground.
  • Rook: Hein summons a small gravitational tornado under his opponent.
  • Castling: Following Rook, Hein will dash through the opponent.
  • Bishop: Hein comes down from the sky dive-kicking.
  • Queen: Hein dashes to his opponent and if he connects, bombards the opponent with a set of punches and kicks, then swipes his left and right hands on the opponent and launches a gravity bomb to blow his opponent away.
  • King: Hein spins them summons a massive gravitational field around himself, blowing opponents away.
  • Domination: Hein holds a ball of gravity touches the ground with gravitation energy. If the opponent touches it, he/she is pulled down. Hein then walks to the helpless opponent then holds his/her head and says "Farewell." before slamming him/her into the ground hard.


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