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Heinkel Wolfe is a priestess fighter who serves as an antagonist in the Hellsing manga and anime series; as one of the key members of the Iscariot Organization. She also appears as one of the two main protagonists of the spinoff manga Crossfire alongside her partner Yumie Takagi.

She was voiced by Mitsuki Saiga in the Japanese version, and by Karen Strassman in the English dubbed version.


Heinkel makes a couple of small non-speaking appearances in OVA 4, shooting a corrupt priest under Maxwell's order and later aiming pistols at Schrödinger when he unexpectedly materializes at the Hellsing-Vatican meeting with the Queen of England.

Heinkel often acts as a bodyguard for Enrico Maxwell and is later seen, along with Yumiko Takagi's other personality Yumie, among the brigade of Catholic priests sent to capture Integra Hellsing under Father Anderson's leadership. In Chapter 74 of the manga, after Yumiko becomes enraged by Walter betraying Hellsing and disrespecting Anderson's death attempts to kill him, only to be killed herself. A deeply heartbroken Wolfe attempts to shoot down Walter, but before she could, Heinkel gets shot in the face by The Captain; the bullet enters through the left cheek, exits through the right, and severely damages the right side of Heinkel's face. As the Captain gives a 'stay out of the way' gesture and tosses Heinkel a first-aid kit, Heinkel realizes that the Captain spared Heinkel's life when he didn't have to, so she never went after him. After seeing Yumie's remains, a bandaged and enraged Heinkel swears revenge on Walter C. Dornez, and takes a sniper rifle from the small group of remaining Iscariot priests. While Walter is distracted by Alucard's remains, Heinkel shoots him through the chest with her sniper rifle but to no avail, Walter cuts off her arm and leg. She was rescued by the Iscariot.

Heinkel after being shot in the face by the Captain.

In the final chapter, Heinkel seems to have become a regenerator, replacing Anderson as Iscariot's trump card. Her vocal cord is permanently damaged causing her to speak in an even lower pitch voice than before. Coincidentally, Heinkel develops a passionate feud with Seras Victoria, resembling greatly the relationship of their mentors Alucard and Anderson. Heinkel still has the wound inflicted by the Captain (much like Anderson's scar) and she his immortal, reinforcing the implication that Heinkel is now a regenerator as her arm and leg was re-attached or simply replaced. It is unknown if Heinkel still has pistols, or bayonets like Anderson. It's revealed, that as of now, the Iscariot Organization is too weak after the 9th Crusade, and that the next crusade will have to take place at least some centuries from now much to Heinkel's dismay. ‎




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