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Heinrich Himmler was one of Nazi Germany's most powerful and notorious figures, often cited as the mastermind of the Holocaust - as such a reviled Nazi he has appeared in numerous fiction, Hellboy being no exception: unlike other depictions the Hellboy incarnation of Himmler is very much an unseen and posthumous villain, yet still very much a topic within said universe.


While Heinrich Himmler does not ever appear in person in Hellboy comics, he is very often mentioned as being a key member or leader of various Nazi 'Doomsday projects', such as Project Ragna Rok, or the Nazi space program. Hans Ubler's Chamber of Horrors, in Berlin, was very popular with Himmler's inner circle of mystics and scientists.

During the Seed of Destruction story arc it is revealed that Himmler first introduced Grigori Rasputin into Germany.



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