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This American... he has ruined everything!
~ Himmler at the end of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Heinrich Himmler is the overarching antagonist of the 2001 video game Return to Castle Wolfenstein, being the founder of the SS Paranormal Division and the true mastermind behind Operation: Resurrection. He is based on the real-life Nazi official of the same name.

He was voiced by Jonathan David Cook.


Himmler established the SS Paranormal Division to study the use of black magic and other supernatural phenomena that could be used to assist in the German war effort in World War II. To this end, the Paranormal Division devised a plan code-named "Operation: Resurrection" to revive the long dead German warlord Heinrich I using occult magic.

Despite being mentioned at several points throughout the game, Himmler only appears in the final cutscene, where he observes Blascowitz after he has killed Heinrich I before leaving to report his failure to Hitler.


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