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I'll see you all in hell! Damn you, Herr Straub! This is all your fault, you and your abominations!
~ Heinz Richter

Heinz Richter is the secondary antagonist in the Nazi Zombies mode of the 2017 video game Call of Duty: WWII. He was a Nazi officer who was initially aligned with Peter Straub in the latter's experiments with creating zombies.

He is voiced by Tomm Voss.


The Final Reich

Heinz Richter was sent to Mittleburg along with Peter Straub after the discovery of the legendary hilt of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. He had conflict with Straub involving weapons creation using the power of Geistkraft, causing tensions between the two. He (is assumed) to have built the Zeppelin that appears after activating the Right Hand of God, and during the Panzeromörder boss fight. Once the three überschnalles dragged the Panzermörder towards the Zeppelin, Richter attempts to shoot down the zombie, but the Panzermörder ultimately destroys the Zeppelin killing itself along with Richter.

The Darkest Shore

Richter's body was recovered prior to Mittelburg's destruction, and his head was removed and put on a stick, so that Straub could use it to open his Corpse Gates around the facility on Heligoland. In doing so, he would constantly revive Richter and proceed to brutally kill him with the Corpse Gate, which would return Richter's head to Straub after the gate would open. This would serve as Richter's punishment for his involvement in Mittelburg.



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