Hahahaha... Next!
~ Hektan after killing someone

Hektan is an antagonist in the infamous game Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. He is a powerful wizard that serves under Ganon.


Hektan is an elderly man of small stature. He wears a dark blue robe. He has turquoise hair and a long beard. Hektan is very devoted to Ganon. He obeys all of his commands, which include imprisoning others and murdering his enemies. Hektan enjoys doing so however and likes to taunt his victims. He acts very unhinged and crazy, which makes him very dangerous.


When Ganon captured the King of Hyrule, Lord Kiro tried to rescue him. Ganon caught him and ordered Hektan to keep him in chains. Hektan obidently acted out his wish. He took Kiro to his fortress. Even Impa is intimidated by him and warns Zelda that he is very dangerous.

Hektan's death

When Zelda confronts him, he vanishes and reappears over and over again to confuse her. He then demonstrates his powers by shooting and killing an unsuspecting stone soldier, despite him also being one of Ganon's minions. He then cackles and attacks Zelda by unleashing fireballs against her. She manages to strike him down. He screams as he melts into blue liquid and leaves only his still beating heart behind.


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