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Hel is a villain in the Spawn Comics.

She was one of the rulers of Hell until Spawn got desposed of her and later teams up with the Violator. She was originally from the Hellspawn series but was later added to the main series.


Hel is one of the rulers of Hell in the Spawn series until a hellspawn usurps her and she was saved by the Violator. Owing a deby she agrees to help Violator in his plans to control Jim Downing and later after Violator seals a portion of Malebolgia's power from Sam he later uses it on Hel to possess a human nurse to keep him unconcsious. She was later discovered and was forced to feel and violator scolds her but promises her a new body after Susan Matthews Marc Rozen's girlfriend commited sucide Hel later possess her and takes over her dead body posing as her. By doing this Hel would be close to Jim Downing and slowly syphon his powers however after Al's return he exposes Hel and later kills her.In the Hellspawn series we learned that She fought simmons before but was defeated and her original body was destryoed in the process hence how she mets Violator.

Powers and Ablitlies

Hel was a former empress of Hell thus having some simliar albiltes to other lords and poessing people's bodies for herself.

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