Helaine Morgan

Helaine Morgan

Helaine Morgan is a villainess in "It Happened Last Night", episode 1.05 of NCIS: New Orleans.

She was portrayed by Dorian Brown Pham.


Helaine Morgan is a casino employee who lived next to Chief Warrant Officer William Reed and his wife, Marilyn Reed (nee Huntington). While on the job, however, Helaine met Bernard Lanier, the lawyer for the Huntingtons, and she quickly pinpointed that he had a gambling addiction. In fact, Bernard had $3 million in gambling debts, and with that, he devised a plan to embezzle the family funds and Helaine was his cohort.

The plan involved abducting Marilyn and holding her for ransom, but once William arrived home early, Bernard killed him. When Helaine learned that William had been killed, she forced Bernard to transfer the $3 million to to her, right before she shot and killed him; making the death look like a suicide.

At the climax of the episode, the evil Helaine was at the dock waiting for a plane to take her out of the country, when she was encountered by Pride, who figured out her villainous role. Helaine painted herself as another victim of Bernard and attempted to bribe Pride with half of her ill-gotten money, only for Pride to turn her down and arrest Helaine.