Helen Brucker was a villainess on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off, Angel who was a US senator and a member of the secret society known as The Circle of The Black Thorn. She was portrayed by Stacey Travis.


Helen Bruckner was not a real human being, but a demon of an unknown species who was "installed" in a female body, presumably by necromancer Magnus Hainsley. Whether the original Brucker was a Senator, or if she was named Helen Brucker at all, prior to her body becoming possessed by the demon is unknown. What was known is Brucker's ambition to become President of the United States in 2008 thanks to the financial aid of hostile countries and the vast influence she possessed as a member of the Circle of the Black Thorn. Brucker tended to surround herself with vampires, who worked both as her bodyguards and campaign staff. She was also a client of Wolfram & Hart, at least since the days of Holland Manners.

Months after Angel became CEO of W&H, Brucker sought the services of the law firm in order to destroy the political career of Jack Conley, a senatorial candidate portrayed in his campaign as a family man that threatened Brucker's bid for reelection by stealing female voters away from Brucker. In order to secure her seat in the United States Senate, Brucker wanted Conley to be brainwashed into becoming a pedophile by Doctor Sparrow. As Angel was pretending to have become corrupted by his position of power at Wolfram & Hart, he agreed to have Conley brainwashed, much to the consternation of Charles Gunn, who ignored Angel's plans.

When Angel Investigations went to kill every member of the Circle, Gunn was given the job of killing the Senator. Gunn stormed into her campaign headquarters, dusting several of her vampires and then killing her by throwing an axe into her head while she was in the midst of her interview.

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