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I'm not planning anything. I'm doing it. I'm getting that dagger.
~ Helga to Zemph about her plans
Ha! I don't care! I've waited my whole life for an opportunity like this! I'm not turning back now for some covering bookworm and his pointless fears!
~ Helga disregarding Zemph and the dangers

Helga von Bulow is a high-ranking officer of the SS Paranormal Division who is responsible for overseeing the garrison in Wulfburg Village and research in the catacombs of Wulfburg and The Defiled Church and a major antagonist in the 2001 video game Return to Castle Wolfenstein.


Displeased with the progress of an SS expedition to excavate some tablets in Ras el-Hadid, Egypt, Helga went there to oversee it herself. Soon after the tablets were unearthed which caused the mummies buried there to become awaken, B.J. Blaskowicz and Agent One attempted to stop her from getting away but failed.

Helga later headed up an expedition to excavate the catacombs of a church in a German village of Wulfburg. The Paranormal Division conducted rituals in order to awaken the undead as zombies, but were unable to control them which lead to the death of many soldiers at the hands of undead.

Helga with Zemph and her Elite Guard squad managed to reach the ruined cathedral where they discovered the corpse of Third Dark Knight after Zemph managed to extract the fluids from the corpse, Helga decided to reach the Tomb of Olaric while telling her Elite Guards to stay inside the cathedral. In the Tomb outside the cathedral, Helga found the Dagger of Warding and sought to claim it for the Third Reich, believing it would be an asset to the German War Machine. Despite Zemph warning that there would be grave consequences for taking it, Helga ignored her comrade's concerns and shot him dead before taking the dagger. The taking of the dagger caused Olaric to awaken, who promptly killed and dismembered her leaving her remains all over the tomb.


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