The gates of hell has been opened, and I will bring forth a torrent of evil from this world.
~ Hell Fighter 17

Hell Fighter 17 is a Mutant Machine created by the 2 evil scientists Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu and a minor villain in Dragon Ball GT.


Hell Fighter 17 is an excate replica of Android 17, though his eyes have a much colder look to them.



Hell Fighter 17 fusing with Android 17

While Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu were in Hell, they decided to join forces and create a powerful Android. They decided to create an evil clone of Android 17. When Hell Fighter 17 fought Vegeta, Vegeta proclaimed that Hell Fight's power is very unimpressive. However, both Myuu and Gero mentioned that Hell Fighter 17, is only using one half of his power, because he not a full power. Shortly after, Android 17 arrived, and as so as he appears, the two Androids merged together to become Super 17. When Super 17 was destroyed so were Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17.

Powers and Abilties

Hell Fighter 17, presumably, possesses all the powers of Android 17. He can fly, and also combine with Android 17 to form Super 17.


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