Hell Vanguard

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The Hell Vanguard is a minor villain, and debatably the first boss Dante encounters, and later appearing as a mini-boss in the videogame Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

Bearing a resemblance towards the Grim Reaper from popular culture, this high level demon is feared even among others of the same kind for its viciousness and sadistic personality. Even though Dante first battles him as a boss and is then killed by Vergil, it is later hinted that the name "Hell Vanguard" does not refer to a particular demon, but to a type of demon (meaning that there are more than one Hell Vanguard).


After Dante killed a certain amount of demons outside of his nameless shop, a Hell Vanguard appeared on top of a building, and attempted to kill him. However, Dante managed to defeat the Vanguard. Just when Dante was about to kill the Hell Vanguard, the Temen-ni-gru rose from the ground. This distraction, caused the Vanguard to retreat. Moments later, the same Hell Vanguard, in a weaken state appeared behind Vergil and Arkham. The Vanguard attempted to kill Vergil, but with a single slash, Vergil easily killed the Hell Vanguard, via splitting it in half.

Despite the Hell Vanguard getting killed by Vergil, Dante encounters multiple Hell Vanguards while journeying throughout the Temen-ni-gru. There are even some incidents where Dante encounters two of these demons at the same time, indicating that the Hell Vanguard isn't the name of single demon, as opposed to being the title of a specific demon.

Powers and Abilities

The Hell Vanguard are powerful demons with various abilities. They show to be skilled with using the scythe. They also teleport by creating a ripple in time-space; they can teleport in two different ways: appearing from the ground (jumping and performing a swing movement with the scythe) or in the middle air (performing a devastating dash attack that deals a lot of damage). Vanguard also have more health than regular enemies (even when they appear in not-boss fights) and their agility allows them to survive or skip more of Dante's attacks.


  • It is possible that the Hell Vanguard is based on the Grim Reaper.
  • When anytime the Hell Vanguard uses it's teleportation ability, a bell can be heard, which is likely the indication of it about to jump out of the time-space ripple.
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