The Hellhound

The Hellhound

You are mine!
~ The Hellhound in a cut footage of Charlie's nightmare
You can never go back!
~ The Hellhound to Charlie in the latter's nightmare.

The Hellhound is a minor antagonist who appears in the 1989 Don Bluth film All Dogs Go to Heaven. He is strongly implied to be the canine equivalent of Satan himself.

He was voiced by Frank Welker.


The Hellhound takes the form of a giant brown dog-like demon with glowing yellow eyes and a gray snout that can breathe fire to create imps.

Role in the film

About halfway through the movie, Charlie has a nightmare in which he is condemned to Hell and is attacked by the Hellhound and several vicious imps (slaves of the Devil). The creature then appears toward the end of the film (or perhaps the Devil himself) to take Charlie's soul to Hell for judgment but is defeated when Annabelle, the angelic pink whippet, appears in a glowing blue orb of mystical energy, past through the beast who dissolves into nothingness upon contact as she arrives to take Charlie to Heaven instead as he has done a heroic act for once in his life.



  • The Hellhound might be the inspiration to Red in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 because of its design.
  • There is an extended footage of The Hellhound that was cut from Charlie's nightmare scene. Fortunately, the scene survived and the person who worked in the film's production managed to save it.
  • The Hellhound is most scariest and darkest of All Dogs Go To Heaven franchise due to the extended footage that cut because it look too scary for younger viewers. However, The Hellhound is not as dangerous as Red is, given Red has a more active role.
  • It is unknown if the Hellhound knew about Red and Belladonna, two of the villains from Hell in the sequels. 


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