Hellion is a villain in the Spawn comics.


Hellion is one of the  servants of Satan who was tasked with tracking down Wanda Blake and bringing her to his master.

After being captured, Wanda was then offered as a bargaining chip for Spawn's suit symbiote. Spawn refused the deal and escaped with Wanda, however, and Satan was infuriated with Hellion for not keeping a watch over her as instructed. He was then sent off to track her down once again.

As Spawn fought Satan and his forces, Hellion tracked down another bargaining chip for the deal: Al and Wanda's unborn son. Spawn later saves his wife and son with Wanda letting him asorb their unborn son's soul. Hellion and the others later fought Spawn but lost and Simmons escpaed.

Powers and ablitlies

Hellion is a demon who can use Magic and has superhuman Strenght,Speed,and Stamina.

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