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The Hellspawn (also called "Hellspawns") are the elite and demonic army of Hell and a major antagonistic faction in the Spawn comic book series. They were created by combining the elements of both Heaven and Hell and their suits and powers were made by the Violator and discovered by Malebolgia.

The Hellspawn who are also the soldiers of Malebolgia, are given a symbiotic suit of living armor. A hellspawn is picked from the elite of demonic being among the countless souls of the damned if they have the traits a warrior or a leader requires; given the offer to serve and lead hells army or be forever tortured.

Most hellspawn are returned to life missing time frame and memories and seek out their lost humanity, waging a war against tests and trials until their power runs out. They have a body made of necroflesh and bugs, and are drawn to places of suffering and emotions.

The suit evolves as they go through trials and suffering, feeding on their pain and anguish. Cloak and chains are extensions of the necroplasmic body that they spawn is given for their rebirth. Eventually the suit either becomes the master or the hellspawn does.

There is only one Hellspawn allowed on the Earth due to the laws of Heaven, at a time. Spawn 297 reveals that should Al Simmons unlock his full powers he would summon an army of Hellspawns of Past, Present, and Future to fight by his side. Spawn 291 and 292 reveals the full history as Hellspawn were made by combining the powers of Heaven and Hell with 294 and 295 had Violator helped make the Hellspawns designing their suits and powers. 

Known Hellspawn

  • Al Simmons
  • Jim Downing
  • Nyx
  • Cogliostro
  • Medieval Spawn
  • Vlad The Implaer
  • Billy Kincaid
  • Medival Spawn
  • Nordik
  • Ninja Spawn
  • Nerco Cop
  • Raven Spawn
  • Morana
  • World War Spawn
  • Lord Conivent
  • Harley
  • Zombie Spawn
  • Caleb
  • Lord Isanagi Nakadai
  • Mandarin 
  • Romm
  • Raenius
  • Angel
  • Monolith
  • Plauge Spawn
  • Skull Spitter
  • Nordak
  • Omega Spawn
  • Monolith
  • Nightmare Spawn



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