Helmuth communicating telepathically with an eddorian.

Helmuth is a major antagonist in the Lensman series of sci-fi books and the main villain of the anime adaptation of the books.


Lord Helmuth of the Boskone Empire has the galaxy in his sights, and he won't take any impediment to his objective lightly. He's been known to execute commanders for incompetence very quickly. He usually communicates with his commanders by projecting a wireframe image of himself that also includes a view of his Eddorian core. This projection is also the means by which Helmuth can issue his punishment from afar. His supposed real form is huge, and on the Devil Planet, Helmuth has the capacity to project illusions so life-like as to inflict sheer terror.

After the Devil Planet explodes, Helmuth (in his true Eddorian form) escapes into space.

Differences between book and anime

In the movles, Helmuth is a blue skinned humanoid with a machine gun and a cunning strategist. In the anime he's a gigantic monster with immense powers similar to the Celestials from Marvel Comics.

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