You say that you do not belong here among the unworthy, outsider, but your spirit fragments so easily. How am I to know you speak the truth? I cannot, so you must show me. Bring yourself to the eternal battlefield and face my champion. If you manage to defeat him, then I may grant you a pardon.
~ Helya, issuing a challenge in return to "allow" the Adventurer to escape Helheim.

Helya is a major character in the latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Legion. She is one of the primary antagonists in the Stormheim questline together with God-King Skovald, she appears as the final boss in the Maw of Souls instance and later on in the Trial of Valor Raid.


Before her death, Helya was some of the titan-forged beings who fought against the Old Gods forces. She was adopted by the Keeper Odyn.

As Odyn had created the Halls of Valor with the great help of Helya, he told the Vrykuls about ascending to the skies after their death to become his own Valarjar in new bodies, he knew that he needed a volunteer vrykul to become undead in order for their spirits to even reach his halls, something that many vrykuls, including Helya where not very willing to volunteer to.

After a long and heated argument and Helya threatening Odyn that she would return the Halls of Valor to Ulduar, he would eventually decide to turn Helya into the first Val'kyr as he noticed that she would have been a threat against both his plans as well as the safety of Azeroth. After having shattered her physical form and turning her spirit into the first Val'kyr, she was forced to obey Odyn and started to turn more unfortunate vry'kuls into val'kyr. Eventually they would be the ones to guide the souls of the fallen Vry'kul into the Halls of Valor, to become Odyn's Valajar.

After Loken had been corrupted by Yogg-Saron, he approached Helya and struck a deal with her. He offered her that he would free her of Odyn's control with one condition, being that she would curse Odyn and the ones who followed him to forever be sealed within the Halls of Valor. This was as an offer that Helya gladly aggreed to.

After having been freed from Odyn's control and having cursed him to forever be stuck within the Halls of Valor, she decided to create a new home for herself, Helheim. However there was a darkness forged from the intense wrath she held against odyn that been held inside her, that turned Helheim into a place of Nightmare and ruin.

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