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Joshua "Henderson" Bunter is the secondary antagonist of the second season of the Netflix show You. He is a famous, wealthy comedian who is secretly a child molester.

He was portrayed by Chris D'Elia.


Joe first meets Henderson at a party. Upon seeing that Joe has lost one of his fingers, he tells him to go to a hospital where a friend of his works to get his finger reattached. 

Joe learns from his landlord Delilah that Henderson raped her when she was a child, and has a long history of sexually abusing children. Delilah is looking into finding evidence of Henderson's crimes to send him to prison. 

Joe finds out that Delilah's little sister Ellie is Henderson's apprentice, and sees him a lot. He uses a tracking device he installed on a phone he bought Ellie to track her so he can keep her safe from Henderson. 

Joe sneaks into Henderson's house and finds photos of several children, half-naked and drugged. He anonymously gives the photos to Delilah so she can use them against Henderson. The photos end up being useless, however.

In the end, Ellie ends up knocking on Henderson's door asking to come in and show him a short film she has produced. Henderson initially refuses, stating that there is no other adult to accompany them. Ellie reminds him that he promised to see her short film and so he lets her in. Joe, who had sneaked into Henderson's house, recognizes that this is Henderson being deceitful and trying to make Ellie think it is her idea for them to spend time together. Henderson and Ellie watch the latter's movie and Henderson approves of it. He prepares drinks for himself and Ellie and drugs hers. 

Joe throws a small bottle of salt against a wall so that Henderson will go see what happened. While Henderson is distracted, Joe drugs Henderson's drink. Both Henderson and Ellie drink and pass out. Joe takes the unconscious Henderson to the basement, ties him up, and attempts to torture Henderson into confessing his crimes. Henderson begs for mercy and reveals his stepfather sexually abused him as a child. Henderson breaks out of the rope and attempts to run away. Joe holds him back and chucks him against a wall to prevent him from getting away, accidentally killing him.