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Stick with me, and you'll get everything you want.
~ Henna, to Mariposa.
Oh will we? Time for feast my little friends.
~ Henna to Gastrous and Carlos.

Henna is one of the major antagonists in Barbie: Mariposa series, serving as the main antagonist in the 2008 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie: Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends. She is a butterfly fairy who is a former attendant of Queen Marabella. She is also a archenemy of Mariposa.

She is voiced by Nicole Oliver, who also voiced Dame Devin in Barbie: Princess Charm School.


Henna is first seen first working as an attendant of Queen Marabella, serving her for many years along with the queen's advisor, Lord Gastrous. She and Gastrous were having all the butterfly fairies from the kingdom of Flutterfield invited to the palace for a celebration. Mariposa, a butterfly fairy who likes reading her books, was convinced by Willa to attend the party. As a result, Henna finds and speaks with Mariposa.

As Mariposa saying it much, to Willa, who listening was enough, Henna later asked to the fairies and while making them coming into the party for her. Upon defection from the queen when arrived in the lair, Henna begins to making a powerful poison called Ilios to have much with tricks, which then speeding up to causing the queen died of illness, and yet ruling the Flutterfield as the new queen.

Much to thinks, Marabella keeps herself to be alive, as pretty for shines the kingdom with an lights to the trees of Flutterfield, so that a lighting lamps was look-alike. Even though must on be it, Henna arriving in the party and speaks to Mariposa once again, but in exactly, she would feeling bad dreams and accidentally drop the Ilios. By the time, Gastrous had showing his quite be likes to playing a few jokes with all the fairies. However, Mariposa gives Ilios back to Henna as she refused to joined the party with her.

Despite being in loyal to Marabella, Henna directly telling Gastrous, thus with turning onto the planning was that in order to poisoning the queen, who falling into asleep it then not wakes. Prince Carlos, a son of Marabella who much likes reads the book and is similar on Mariposa, in which they both are never going into the parties. He sends into the jail by the guards, only hopes him to be safety. Carlos supposed to gives Mariposa a map, makes her embarked to the journey after which he gets informing by Willa.

They about the queen is sick for being poisoning by Ilios, the prince decided to freeing from prison. When Carlos and Willa calm to sought the antidote, and tried to saving Marabella from being into decease, Henna later worked with the magical monsters are Skeezites which intends to a coup, she would becomes their boss on the way, to having her likely a terror. Skeezites is very likes to eating the butterfly fairies which they were fearing the lights, due to have them becomes blinding. Henna don't showed to humor, because she is plotter.

Upon Mariposa leaves the Flutterfield with her friends in order to finding an antidote, Henna is often takes on her nightmare, and told Gastrous and his guards. In which, she wants to have remained loyal to the queen but her plans is gets exposed by Carlos. The prince will revealed that Henna is the one who poisoning his mother with an Ilios, Gastrous hearing that was very afraid, much to their objection. But this time in horror, Henna pretending to suicide before she flying on and by leads the Skeezites to deals with Gastrous and Carlos.

Formally, Gastrous and Carlos facing Skeezites with the helped of Willa, the guards, and the fairies. For that, Mariposa returned when she seizing an antidote but gets discovered by Henna. Rayna and Rayla are arrival, and also joined with all the fairies to defeated Skeezites. Hurry up to saved Marabella with antidote, Mariposa hoping that did not lets the queen dies in fact she can does something to finish a mission. Henna then confront Mariposa under the sly as well outcome she prevented her from thwarted her scheme, and tears the flower with half by one.

She sees Mariposa is eventually curing on Marabella, its shocked. Henna seemingly to having complete tearing the flower in while she definitely mocking the queen and Mariposa. Upon the lights were glow up, Marabella is actually awakening, which about the Skeezites are failing out after being shinning by the lights. Luckily, Mariposa making the queen fine, which Henna, who annoying as she scold them in a last time and escaped together with Skeezites until her vengeance. She incidental bumps away that screaming, just happened to unknowing fates.



  • Skeezites
  • Queen Marabella (formerly)
  • Lord Gastrous (formerly)
  • Prince Carlos (formerly)
  • Mariposa (formerly)
  • Willa (formerly)
  • Rayna and Rayla (formerly)


  • Queen Marabella
  • Zinzie
  • Mariposa
  • Prince Carlos
  • Willa
  • Lord Gastrous
  • Rayna and Rayla
  • King Regellius (never meet)
  • The Fairies of Flutterfield


  • In Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess, Henna was mentioned by King Regellius. However, she replaced by Gwyllion as the film's main antagonist.


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