Henri Ennui

Henri Ennui is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Medicine Mix-Up".

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Henri Ennui is a periwinkle French poodle who plans to make millions of money, but not in a good way. He built a rancinator, so as to make anything the ray zaps smell bad.

He was a "brilliant" scientist who sold smelly counterfeit perfumes, and he had a history with Ranger Kitty. His ninja-bot henchmen had made candy and soda reek between their being transported out of their factories and being transported to certain stores. Because of this, kids are taking medicine that is not theirs, mistaking it for candy.

Henri eventually plans on extorting money by stinking up all of the health food, so nobody can have meals without even paying him.

Once Fallbot has vacuumed up the smelly candy and reported it to Ranger Sully, the latter tells the former to shoot it at Henri. After this happens, and Henri is trapped, Sully shuts off the rancinator, and Fallbot puts a nose plug on Henri's nose.


  • This is one of two things making him similar to Robert Canler from Tarzan & Jane. They both had histories with the respective heroines (Ranger Kitty for Henri during their days with Global Pol, and Jane Porter for Robert in their childhoods). They are also voiced by Jeff Bennett.


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