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This is your fault. I have to teach you a lesson.
~ Henry about to beat Roger

Henry is the main antagonist of the episode "A.T., The Abusive Terrestrial" of the cartoon television series American Dad!. He was a nine-year-old boy who wanted to adopt Roger as "[his] alien".

He was voiced by Masam Holden.


When Roger feels left out because Steve was never interested in him, Roger goes on a drinking binge and passes out in Henry's shed. When he awakes, he is at first happy to find someone that wants to be with him.

But later, when Roger's short attention span kicks in and he no longer wishes to play games, he finds that Henry has an abusive side and beats him. Roger tries repeatedly to get away, but Henry always apologizes and lures Roger back.

You come after us, I'll turn him in to the government and rat out your whole family. Give it up, butt-face. He's my alien now.
~ Henry's chilling threat to Steve after he tries to convince Roger not to go back to him.

When Steve tries to intervene, Henry threatens to notify the authorities that the Smith family has been harboring an alien. Roger and Steve come up with a plan to pretend that Roger is going back to his home planet aboard a "spaceship" (a disguised famous Pibbmobile stolen by Mr. Pibb soda fans Stan and Francine Smith) with help from Hayley. The plan nearly falls apart when Steve starts to choke on the chemicals he mixed for special effects, and Henry believes that Roger is ditching him to take Steve back to his planet instead.

Henry promises to change and Roger nearly falls for it, until Steve promises not to treat him as merely "[his] alien," but as his friend. When Roger tries to resist Henry, Henry becomes abusive again until Roger kicks him in the groin and leaves with Steve, with Henry looking on in disappointment as he leaves.

Henry is not seen again until briefly in "100 A.D.," the show's hundredth episode, though he has a non-speaking cameo when he appears. In this episode, he is among many, many past American Dad! characters (mostly one-shot ones like he was) to die in a fiery bus crash after said bus accidentally rolls off a cliff just as it is setting out to locate Hayley and Jeff, who have run off to elope. His and the other characters' deaths were memorialized in a later season's episode called "The Unbrave One," which took place one year after the bus explosion.


  • Henry is loosely based on Elliott, the ten-year-old boy and the main protagonist of E.T., the Extraterrestial played by Henry Thomas. Comically, Henry gets the same first name as the actor.


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