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You betrayed me, you broke me, and then you left me.
~ Henry to Penelope
Yo! He's mine.
~ Henry to the Carnival of Flesh security guards about Miguel

Henry Bodreaux is a secondary antagonist in the first season of The Purge he is Penelope Guerrero's ex boyfriend who seeks to kill her on Purge night for leaving him.

He was portrayed by Dylan Arnold.


Henry is portrayed as being an abusive, sadistic person with a short temper and doesn't seem to want to move on. However Henry seemed like a kind person who just wanted to make Penelope happy before their breakup.


In the first flashback Henry is seen bringing Penelope to his apartment and the 2 make loving conversations and conversations about life in general. In the second flashback (the day of their breakup) Henry is shown in a panic as he tries to prevent Penelope from walking out on him, going as far as to kiss her but she just pushes him away causing him to become enraged and slap her.Then Miguel jumps on Henry from behind and the 2 get into a fierce brawl in which the 2 beat each other relentlessly during which Miguel grabs a concrete rock and hits Henry in the eye with it (giving him a scar and permanently blinding him in said eye) then continues to beat him until he is bloody and bruised when Penelope breaks up the fight telling Miguel he could get arrested for what he has just done . During the Purge, Henry attends the Carnival of Flesh and purchases Penelope from an auction tormenting her for hours until Miguel arrives and is captured by Carnival security however before Miguel can be killed by the security guards Henry stops them claiming "He's mine" as Miguel is tied up and Henry begins to taunt Miguel before briefly telling him "fuck you" before punching him in the stomach and chuckling. Miguel tells Henry to do whatever he wants to him but to let Penelope go Henry responds by telling him she deserves a lot worse than him as he tries to strangle him eventually stopping to sharpen a knife to stab Miguel's eye out. Miguel claims that he should have killed Henry when he had the chance Henry responds by taunting Miguel more. As he begins to prepare to kill Miguel saying he'll take his eye first, then his sister telling him he'll see it all before he bleeds out then asking him if he has any last words Miguel responds with "Yeah, you missed a spot." before headbutting Henry and kicking him in the face knocking him unconscious. Miguel then knocks over the wooden pole he's handcuffed to and slips the handcuffs off the pole but before he can grab the keys from Henry's pocket, Henry regains consciousness and Miguel begins to kick Henry to the point where he is coughing and choking. Henry quickly attempts to grab his knife but before he can Miguel wraps the handcuff chain around Henry's neck and strangles him before ultimately breaking his neck.


~ Henry enraged at Penelope's pleads as he attempts to strangle Miguel
You know, for the longest time all I did was think about killing you both. I went over it, like, a thousand times in my head. And I imagined what the world would feel like without you in it. And eventually, it just got, it just felt right. (holds a knife to Penelope's throat) (Miguel:DON'T FUCKING TOUCH HER!) You know, we're not that different, you and me. (Miguel:Yeah? How's that?)Well, we, uh, we both kill because the the government says that it's ok HOORAH, MOTHERFUCKER, HOORAH! All right, you ready?
~ Henry preparing to kill Miguel and Penelope
So first, I'm gonna take your eye. And then I'm gonna take your sister. But before you bleed out, you're gonna see all of that. Well or half of it, at least. (Henry tauntingly flings his blade) Oh, ho, ho, ho. (Miguel: So then get on with it.) Okay! Oh. you know w-when the cornea bursts, you'll see the most spectacular colors. So enjoy that. Because after that, it's all black. Do you have any last words?
~ Henry to Miguel, ironically his last words.


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