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Villain Overview

I'll kill you all!
~ Henry Bowers vowing to kill the Losers Club.

Henry Bowers is the secondary antagonist of the Stephen King novel It, its 1990 miniseries, and its 2017 film adaptation. He is the local bully, the Losers Club's arch-rival, the leader of the Bowers Gang and the puppet of the bloodthirsty trans-dimensional fiend known as IT.

In the 1990 miniseries, he was portrayed by Jarred Blancard as a child, and by Michael Cole as an adult. In the 2017 adaptation, he was portrayed by Nicholas Hamilton as a teenager and Teach Grant as an adult.


Henry is abused by his crazed, alcoholic, and psychopathic father, Oscar "Butch" Bowers who taught Henry to be a racist. Due to his dysfunctional upbringing, Henry has developed an abusive attitude and hostility towards his environment, becoming a known bully across the town who targets defenseless people and occasionally even animals. One of the things the boy fears and hates the most is his own father and misplaced that anger gathering his gang and pay his insecurities onto the Losers' Club, sometimes going as far as using weapons such as a knife to mutilate his victims, which frightened even some of his thugs. After his contact with Pennywise/IT, Henry began to be even more sociopathic and dangerous than before, displaying signs of schizophrenia (though justified since his hallucinations were provoked by Pennywise).

In the miniseries, his father's at worst strict and he doesn't have any excuse to commit bullying, patricide, murder and similar unlawful acts, he resorts to murder over mere defeat in rock fighting alongside having an incredibly disturbing serious mental illness making him think murder is legal. Similar to the novel he is racist and attempts to sexually assault Beverly.

In the 2017 film, Henry is less depraved and sadistic compared to the novel and miniseries. He gives Bill Denbourgh a "free ride" from his bullying due to Georgie disappearing (whereas in the novel and miniseries he never shows any kindness towards any members of the Losers Club) and didn't bully him over the school years. Henry also has a cousin who he "protects" from Richie's advances (though his cousin lied about Richie being gay to stay on his hostile cousin's "good" side). Henry also never calls Mike a racial slur, makes no attempt to sexually assault Beverly and doesn't bully Stanely for his religion.



As a kid, Henry adopted a Grease-esque physique, he wore a pink (brown in the TV mini-series) leather jacket and oiled his black hair. He was slim and athletic as a kid. But when he got older, he had white hair from his encounters with IT, and was very chubby, and was always seen wearing a blue jumpsuit with a white shirt underneath. His sanity got worse because of the constant hate he was fed by his father Butch and also from IT. After death, his corpse had the unnerving habit of shifting its position slightly so it looked like he was going to revive as an undead being.


In the miniseries, Henry's leather jacket was brown and his hair was black with an elephant trunk and he thought murdering was legal due to an extreme mental illness. He and his dad were racists and Henry's dad was strict but on good terms with Henry. When Henry was in his mid 40s he was an unhealthy patricide with white hair and overweight who'd aged badly due to seeing his friends die though he thought that Belch was alive.


As a teenager Henry was a slender boy with brown hair styled in a mullet with a rather punkish fashion sense; his most prominent outfit in the movie was that of a red vest shirt, dark grey, aged boot-cut jeans, studded cuffs and black boots. After spending time in the mental institution Henry had developed a more stocky build, his skin became paler and his mullet grew longer although unlike in the book and miniseries his hair remained the same color. Throughout his time here he wore a grey vest shirt, blue jeans, black trainers and occasionally a navy blue hoodie.


IT (Novel)

Finish your treat, N****rdog. How'd you like that, N****rdog? Did you like your lunch, you sh***y mutt?
~ Henry killing Mike Hanlon's dog with tainted meat.
Hello, ni***r. I'm gonna make me a tarbaby, you're not black enough, but I'll fix that. N**ern***ern***er! Now you're black! Now you're REEEEELY black! Now you're as black as midnight in a MINESHAFT! I killed your dog, black boy!
~ Henry Bowers after bathing Mike Hanlon in mud.
I was the one who killed your dog, ni***er.
~ Henry Bowers to Mike Hanlon.
I know you, kid. I know you, too. Where’s your glasses, four-eyes? Well, son of a bitch! The Jew and the fatboy are here too! That your girlfriend, fatboy? I got bones to pick with a lot of you, but I can let that go for today. I want that n***er. So you little s***s buzz off.
~ Henry Bowers confronting the Losers Club/Lucky Seven.
I'll kill you, you little f**king pansy.
~ Henry Bowers threatening Patrick Hockstetter.

1990 TV Miniseries

You're dead, fatboy.
~ Henry threatening Ben.
(Ben: What do you want?) I want to teach you something, porky. You like to learn new things, don't you? I want to make sure you remember my name. (Ben: I'll remember, Henry, I'll remember.) How am I gonna make sure, huh?
~ Henry before trying to carve his name into Ben's stomach.
Well, whaddaya know? The fat boy, the Jew, and the sissy. Four eyes and the patch girl, too. N***er, you know how to pick them: the Losers' Club.
~ Henry to Mike Hanlon and the rest of the Lucky Seven.
The n***er here lives down the street from my daddy and me. (Mike: Give it here!) And given me and my daddy grief for a long, long time! You like fireworks, boy, huh? What do you say to "Rocket in your pocket"?
~ Henry to Mike Hanlon
I'll kill you all!
~ Henry after being humiliated by the Losers.
Hello, n***er. I'll pay you back. I'll pay you all back.
~ Henry Bowers while attacking Mike Hanlon.
~ Henry's Last word thinking Belch is still alive.

IT: Chapter 1

I'm gonna carve my whole name onto his cottage cheese!
~ Henry threatening to carve his name onto Ben's stomach.
Stay the f**k out of my town!
~ Henry to Mike.
You say something, B-B-B-Billy?
~ Henry threatens Bill in a mocking, stuttering fashion.
You two, get him!
~ Henry inadvertently causes Patrick Hockstetter's death by ordering him and Belch to hunt down Ben, wherein Patrick follows IT into the sewers.
Like lambs to a slaughter. Wouldn't you say fellas? Yeah, sure you would
~ (*Deleted scene*) Henry Bowers after slitting the throats of Belch Huggins and Victor Criss.
You didn't listen to what I told you, did you? You should have stayed out of Derry. Your parents didn't, and look what happened to them. I still get sad everytime I pass by that pile of ashes, sad that I couldn't have done it myself.
~ Henry Bowers to Mike Hanlon before falling down the well at the abandoned Well House.

IT: Chapter 2

I'm not done yet I'm not done I'm not f**king done I can't, No! I gotta kill them all! F**king KILL THEM ALL! STOP IT! F**K YOU! OW! F**K YOU!
~ Henry as the police are arresting him for killing his father
Richie f**king Tozier? What are you trying to bone my little cousin? GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE F**GOT!
~ Henry to Richie after the latter tries to make friends with his cousin but sends off the wrong vibes with his overeagerness
~ Henry to Richie, continuation of him telling him to leave
Hockstetter? My knife."
~ Henry Bowers when IT comes to him as zombie Patrick Hockstetter to give him his knife back
Hey, Hockstetter. Let's go!"
~ Henry Bowers making his escape from the institution with help from IT.
It's your time, Eddie!
~ Henry Bowers before stabbing Eddie Kasprak in the cheek.
(Eddie:Why did you do that?!) (laughs insanely) Because he said it's your time! (Eddie:Who said it's my time?) (Henry suddenly stops laughing) You know, Eddie. You. Know. Time to float!
~ Henry after stabbing Eddie while revealing that IT is manipulating him
(Chuckles) ONE DOWN! F**K YEAH!
~ Henry fleeing after attacking Eddie
You should've burned, Mike. Just like your druggie parents. Can you see them yet? Crisping? Like fried f**king chi..."
~ Henry's Last Words to Mike Hanlon as he is cut off mid-sentence when Richie Tozier stabs him in the head with a hatchet.



  • Despite being the leader of the Bowers Gang, he is not as evil as Patrick Hockstetter, whose vile behavior comes purely from his own mind, unlike Henry, whose evil comes from his hatefully abusive father. In the TV miniseries, however, Patrick doesn't appear and Henry's father is strict at worst and is only implied to have whipped Henry at least twice (and for a good reason as Henry got in trouble). In the movie Henry's dad is still abusive however, Patrick is far less evil and sadistic than Henry though Henry's evilness level is subtracted by his lack of importance to the plot.
  • Some of the more disturbing sinister acts of Henry Bowers in the novel, such as an act of bestiality with a sheep and ejaculating onto a birthday cake, were omitted from both the miniseries and the 2017 film, likely to avoid an NC-17 rating.
  • The film version of Henry is the only incarnation of the character whose hair remained the same color after being imprisoned for his crimes. This is cause unlike his book and miniseries incarnations this version of Henry was never put under trauma at the hands of IT.
  • Despite being the secondary villain, in the film Henry does not have much impact nor importance on the plot without the main villain taking control of him and he does not injure the heroes much in either part going down swiftly in both parts.


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