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Henry Delarue is the main antagonist of the 2014 western movie The Salvation. He is an outlaw leader and land baron whose main goal is to find and kill Jon Jensen (the protagonist) for killing his criminal brother who murdered Jensen's wife and son.

He was portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


When Henry Delarue finds out that his brother Paul, who was recently released from prison, has been kiled, he became more angry than he ever was. Because if his wrath, he killed three people who were either innocents or sentenced to death. 

When his henchmen captures the man who killed Paul, Jon Jensen (the main protagonist), Delarue ties him up to a pole and leaves him to freeze in the rain over the night. But Jon's firend Peter cuts him loose and rescues him, as they are being chased by Delarue's henchmen. Peter hides Jon and gives him a gun, and rides to lure Delarue's men away, only to be captured and killed.

Meanwhile, Delarue is sexually abusing his now widowed sister-in-law Madelaine who is also a mute. As Delarue is away to find Jon, Madelaine steals his money and flees on a train, only to be captured by Delarue's men. As revenge, Delarue tells his men to kill Madelaine after they are done raping her.

Meanwhile, Jon stumbles across several people whom had one familymember who was killed by Delarue, including the widow Mrs. Whistler whose husband was killed by Delarue. SHe lets Jon recover in their house she and her children flees the city. Later, Jon recieves guns from the young store owner Voichek, whose grandmother was also killed by Delarue.

The next day, Jon eliminates Delarue's henchmen one at a time while Voichek is killed and inadvertently sets fire to a hotel where Madelaine is being held, enabling her to escape. Delarue finds Jon and shoots him. Just as he is about to kill Jon, Madelaine shoots Delarue in the back, and is being shot again in the head from behind by Jon.

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