Henry Jacobs

Henry Jacobs was the chief of police of David Tapp's department and was involved in the investigation of the Jigsaw Cases. He appears in the video game Saw II: Flesh & Blood and later serves as one of the antagonists of the game.


Henry Jacobs is the chief of the police who investigates the death of Detective David Tapp, who conmitted suicide in his apartment after taking a bullet to the head. When Tapp's enstranded son Michael is kidnapped and forced to take part in a game set up by Jigsaw, Henry is one of the test subjects that Michael has to save. Henry is tied to a chair with a revolver locked into his mouth, and Michael must switch of a set of lights in order to free Herny, or he will be shot in the mouth and killed. Michael manages to rescue him and Henry promises to try and get help. However when Michael progresses through his game, he realizes that Henry plots along with another police officer called Joseph to kill Michael and many other people playing Jigsaw's game to cover up a drug ring that they had set up. Henry is seen stalking Michael and attempts to kill him using a revolver, but Michael manages to evade him.

The drug ring that Henry took part in involved other victims in Michael's game, such as a drug addict called Sarah, a nurse called Carla and fellow officer Joesph, who attempts to kill Michael at times as well with a gun. Henry murders Carla by stabbing her to death with scissors. He later bumps into Pighead II and despite threatening him saying that if he kills him the whole police force will be onto him, Pighead II stabs Henry to death repeatadly.

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