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Those creatures can eat you instead of me... and while they're chewing on you, I can escape! Yes, that's it! What a great idea! Hehehe... hurry up and get eaten!
~ Kaplan strangling Alyssa.

Dr. Henry Kaplan is a minor antagonist in the 1998 spin-off videogame Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.



Little known about Henry's life, but he known to be the director of the Memorial Hospital. Prior to the game's event, After Maxwell researching, studying and developing the Cerebral Toxin, Kaplan assisted Maxwell by providing him with the patients that are from his hospital.

Clock Tower ll: The Struggle Within

When Alyssa enters in Kaplan's office, Kaplan is seen cowering in the corner of his office, insanely laughing. If Alyssa encounters him, Kaplan will notice her and plans to her as a distraction to zombies so he can escape. Kaplan then proceeds to stranlge Alyssa, resulting as a game over.

However, if the player plays as Bates, Kaplan will do the same thing, but while Kaplan tries to strangle Bates, Bates will kick Kaplan on the ground, as he will laughing insanely.

later part of the game, Alyssa will encounter Kaplan once again. As Kaplan strangles Alyssa, he is shot and killed by the Shannon Lewis, the secondary antagonist of the game.


Kaplan is somewhat in his 40's, appearing with gray hair (his hair is brown in the official artwork). He wears a prussian blue business suit, wearing a light blue button shirt under the suit, with a tie with the same color as his business suit. He is also appears to be wearing a white lab coat.


He first appears as a insane person who is willing to kill someone to escape from the zombies. This also shows him as a coward, due to being unwilling to fight the zombies himself.



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