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I have to say, Henry, I'm impressed. Really, I am. You're the first person to escape The Wall, but this is the end for you.
~ Dmitri Petrov to Henry, showing the latter's skills.
Well, if it isn't Henry... There has not been an incident here in 50 years, and the day you show up, this happens.
~ Dmitri yet again, talking about the riot.

Henry Stickmin is the titular main protagonist of the Henry Stickmin series.

He is an extremely resourceful protagonist who has a hobby of stealing whatever he can who cares about himself. However, since Infiltrating the Airship, he has the choice of either redeeming himself and joining the Government, becoming a successful crime lord, making actual friends, or just staying as a rogue thief. He is also the optional archenemy of the Right Hand Man and/or Reginald Copperbottom.


Henry wears brown shoes. If he becomes the Toppat Leader, he wears a black hat with a golden dollar chain. If he joins them as a recruit, he wears a dark blue hat with a golden "H".

In the "Revenged" ending, Henry is given cybernetic abilities by Dr. Vinschpinsilstien. This includes a metallic left arm and his torso being completely robotic (despite the fact that in-universe, only his spine was replaced).


Henry's primary trait is his selfish greed. He is first seen attempting to rob a bank in the first game. His persistence was rewarded with a jail sentence, yet it becomes very obvious too that being jailed for the failed robbery did not make any difference and he immediately chases after a nearby bank truck in the Lawyered Up ending of Escaping the Prison once acquitted.

Even after being arrested and having to escape, it is clear he learned little in Stealing the Diamond, with his eyes turning into dollar signs upon seeing the Tunisian Diamond on the news and immediately preparing to steal it. In spite of this, he knew where to draw the line in his greed, since he willingly abandons the diamond in order to save himself in the Just Plain Epic ending of the game. He is also completely willing to commit murder to further his agenda, as he willingly drops the diamond on a guard's head with no hesitation.

He is even offered a full pardon by the Federal Government if he fulfilled their request in Infiltrating the Airship, yet his lack of self-control over his greed proves to be too great. Upon seeing the Toppat Clan's gigantic Romanian Ruby they stole, he promptly abandons his mission and steals the ruby. Power hungry and quite opportunistic, he has the option to betray the feds and take over the Toppat Clan when he catches Reginald Copperbottom, who surrenders the airship to him after Henry defeated the Right Hand Man.

Captured once again in Fleeing the Complex, he sets out to escape once again. He has the option of escaping with a fellow convict named Ellie Rose and for the seemingly first time, have a true friend that helps him all the way. That being said, in order to escape, he ends up freeing every prisoner and uses the riot to escape, not caring about what consequences those actions to warrant. He also has the option to simply abandon Ellie and go on his own, perfectly illustrating his willingness to use or expend anyone should it benefit him.

Henry, despite everything, does care about other people if they are on his side. This is best seen in the Valiant Hero ending of Completing the Mission, where he seemingly breaks down when Charles Calvin sacrifices himself to save Henry.

Powers and Abilities

Although not very strong (with expectations), Henry is extremely smart and resourceful, being able to escape prison with just one item from a contraband cake and other items he found lying around.

He is also occasionally shown to be quick thinking, as when he fails to spook someone with a faux spider on a stick, he quickly improvises and knocks the man out with the stick (not counting the fails). In the later games, Henry begins to use items that reference other media, rather than ordinary items lying around.

His skills and resourcefulness are even acknowledged by Dmitri Petrov, who expresses his admiration since Henry was the first person to escape his complex. If Henry starts a riot, he will claim that no major incident happened in fifty years until the very day he showed up, also indicating Henry's exceptional skills.


  • The teleporter is the one item that appears in every game, though the only times it does not lead to a fail screen are in Stealing the Diamond and Completing the Mission.
  • Curiously, in the later games, the items he uses are not seen lying around, so it is unknown how he gets his hands on them.
  • Henry Stickmin's status as a villain or a hero depends on the player's choices.
  • Henry has two determinant top-hats as a Toppat member. One of them is a black hat with Reginald Copperbottom's dollar sign necklace, while the other is a navy blue hat with a golden H pinned on it. The former one is when he's the leader, the latter is when he's a normal member.
  • If dialogue in the Master Bounty Hunter route is any indication, Henry has become somewhat legendary in the Government.

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