Do you dare to challenge me?
~ Hera to Cyborg 001

Hera is a psychic Mythos Cyborg modeled after the Greek god Hera. She is an antagonist in the "Mythos" arc of Cyborg 009. Unlike her fellow cyborgs, she is aware that they are not gods and just cyborgs, but she doesn't care.


Hera using her psychic powers

Hera fought against the 00 Cyborgs in their first encounter alongside her fellow Greek Gods. She left after Artemis appeared and convinced Apollo to go back to Magma Island. She later attended a memorial service for Achilles after he was killed by 009.

Later, when 001, 007, 008 and Dr. Gilmore attempted to make their way to Dr. Gaia's reactor, Hera stood in their way. 001 deduced that Hera was the psychic who energized Gaia's amplified reactor. The two then engaged in a psychic battle. However, their battle caused Gaia's reactor to be overcharged, resulting in Magma Island's foundation beginning to collapse.

001 attempted to escape the cavern they were in and Hera pursued him. However, she was stopped by a wave of lava, which ended up consuming her.


  • She was referred to as "Woman Esper" in the original manga.


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