If you won't join my army, you will face it.
~ Heraclio to Justin.

Heraclio is the main antagonist of the 2013 computer-animated English/Spanish film Justin and the Knights of Valour. He is Justin's archenemy and Sir Roland's enemy.

He was voiced by Mark Strong, who also portrayed Lord Henry Blackwood in the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film, and Frank D'Amico in the 2010 Kick-Ass film.


Heraclio was once one of the finest knights in the kingdom of Gabbalonia, but when the King died in battle and the heartbroken Queen outlawed knights hoping it would end the violence. Heraclio turned against the queen, declaring that she and Justin's father Reginald, the queen's chief advisor, were betraying them and that the new system of law officers were usurping the power of the queen. He tried to kill both Reginald and the queen, but Justin's grandfather, the great Sir Roland stood in his way. Roland defeated Heraclio easily but, remembering all they had been through as comrades, he hesitated instead of striking Heraclio down. As such, Heraclio managed to take Sir Roland's own sword and kill him with it. He then stole the sword and escaped. For more than a decade, Heraclio  plotted to return to the kingdom and seize the crown for himself.

Returning several years later, he sent his followers to liberate criminals from prison to build his army. Bringing them to him, he brought them into his forces and promised them revenge against the laws that had imprisoned them and wealth beyond their wildest dreams if they followed him. He then began teaching them how to fight, turning them into a proper army he could use to invade. However, as he was running low on gold to keep their loyalty, he decided to follow his lieutenant Sota's plan to kidnap Lara, the daughter of a very rich family, thus holding her for a high ransom. Sota and his brothers fail, but Heraclio gets Lara when the dimwitted and greedy impostor of a knight Sir Clorex brings her to him, hoping to get a cut of the money. Heraclio plays along, but knowing Clorex is a fraud, he secretly orders his men to kill him. But they are distracted by Justin and Talia arriving to save Lara.

After the two manage to defeat Sota and his brothers, Heraclio calls for Justin to join him, claiming he is in the right and is trying to bring back the knights. But Justin refuses, so Heraclio sets his Army on the pair. However, the army is scared off when Blucher (an old knight, who taught Justin, and was Sir Roland’s best friend) arrives with Gustav (a crocodile mechanically fitted to simulate a dragon, designed to train young knights). Heraclio and Blucher duel, but Heraclio comes out on top and fatally wounds Blucher.

Justin then takes Heraclio on himself, the two's fight carries back into Heraclio's tower. Heraclio manages to lead the fight, trying to kill Justin. However, Justin manages to gain the upper-hand forcing him back onto a platform leading to watermill over a waterfall. Dropping Sir Roland's sword, Justin takes it up, he then tosses Heraclio his own. The two continue to duel, but Justin manages to defeat Heraclio and holds him at sword point. Heraclio once again tries to convince Justin to join him, claiming they both want the same thing, but Justin refuses. Taking advantage of Justin's mercy, Heraclio throws dirt in his face and punches him back onto the mill turbine. Walking forward he tries to deliver the final blow to Justin, but Justin grabs him and pulls him down. Heraclio manages to steady himself, but when his crown falls of his head, he tries to grab it but loses his grip and falls apparently to his death.


Heraclio is Power-hungry, powerful, manipulative, cruel like Metal Beak, vengeful and he’s also plotting for taking over the kingdom.

He is nasty and cruel. He is the leader of his henchman including Sota and Sir Clorex. He has a powerful and even no remorse for the murder of Sir Roland, after the battle right after he hesitated during the fight after he lunged towards the Queen and Reginald; obviously attacked after Queen outlawed the knights after her husband died.

He is very dark, zany, manipulative, cold-hearted, scheming, prideful, greedy, jealous, arrogant, evil, power-hungry, abusive, murderous, determined, selfish, cruel, tyrannical, argumentative, intelligent, charismatic, sarcastic, cunning, eccentric, disrespectful, dark, harsh, ruthless, arrogant, mean, cunning, violent, brutal, vicious, aggressive, truly pure evil, manipulative, murderous, genocidal, hot-tempered, emotionless, condescending, mysterious, merciless, overconfident, egotistical, sadistic, powerful, barbaric, abusive, contemptuous, argumentative, short-tempered, curmudgeonly, persuasive, stubborn, tyrannical, blameworthy, manipulative, imperialistic, uncompromising, materialistic, treacherous, diabolical, sarcastic, uncaring, violent, greedy, cruel, mean, gruff, cold-hearted, strict, selfish, arrogant, stony-hearted, devilish, hateful, sardonic, Manipulative, ruthless, treacherous, dignified, mighty, fearful, intelligent, arrogant, cold, elitist, sadistic, genocidal, serious, power-hungry, entitled, proud, obsessive, tyrannical, oppressive, racist, xenophobic, closed-minded, authoritative, obstinate, imposing, charismatic, wrathful, aloof, gruff, self-righteous, fanatical, paranoid, opportunistic, ambitious, strategic ruthless, pitiless, ungrateful, merciless , callous, hateful, scary, menacing, frightening, terrifying, hypocritical, oppressive, tyrannical, power-hungry, abusive, enigmatic, remorseless, dishonest, megalomaniacal, persistent, heartless, destructive, psychopathic, tricky, strategic, opportunistic, spiteful, wrathful, intolerant, calculating, scheming, ambitious, sinister, malevolent, malicious, disciplinary, vile, nefarious, wicked, dangerous, deadly, hegemonic, imposing, commanding, shifty, mighty, hostile, cold, gruff, surly ruthless, vengeful, traitorous, merciless, hypocritical, aggressive, cold, judgmental, rude, strict, short-tempered, strong, stern, stubborn, old man who wish to destroy the kingdom, and kill Reginald by ruining his life by murdering Justin in a cold blood.

He often returns to the ruined kingdom where he swore vengeance on the Queen. He stated that Justin will clung to his grandfather’s sword until the end.

He often team up is henchman was Sota who calls him charlatans and told Sir Clorex that if he hadn’t appeared with Lara; Justin’s princess he captured then the whole plan would’ve ruined told his henchman that the entire army will march into the Queen throne room of Gabyloina.

He often met Justin and Talia right after their fight with Sota and his brothers. He convinces Justin to betray Talia by forcing him to join his army but he refuses and Heraclio sent his army on the pair. Not long after, Blucher and Gustav arrive to fight them with the help of Justin and Heraclio and Blucher fight, but Heraclio swings his fist violently hard into his rib cage make Blucher cry out in pain.

Heraclio told Justin that he will ruin Reginald’s life by killing Justin and he will kill his dad which leds Justin to defeat him.


Home at last! Heraclio, you're out of practice. My respects, my queen. I always served you faithfully and never failed you, until you failed us. With just two signatures, you and that lawyer put an end to our days of glory. That was all it took. And now after living in exile and alone. I have to join forces with the same vermin I once swore to fight. Why didn't you listen? Now I have no choice but to speak with the sword. Now you both have to die.
What are you wearing.
OK. Don't make yourself comfortable, Sota. You and your half-wit brothers have a busy night tonight.
Hey! You are scum! Scum. Because that is what this foolish system of foolish laws has made you. But I say you are more than that. Together we can show them how weak they are. That their pathetic laws are nothing against our swords. We can make them beg for their lives. If you fight by my side, I promise, those miserable people, who unfairly keep you behind bars, will pay for it. Join me, and I will train you into a fighting machine. Stick with me and you will each have a place in the new kingdom. And wealth beyond your wildest dream!
Well, then we'll have to get more.
Let me demonstrate. When I say thrust, I don't mean point or reach. I mean THRUST!!!!!
Now, let's try again. And you, do whatever you need to do, to initiate the plan.
Impossible to work with these... these people. Useless, FOOLISHNESS! That's what happens when you send three charlatans, to do the work of... real soldiers. If you hadn't appeared with that girl, the whole plan would've been ruined. Tomorrow finally my army will march triumphantly into the throne room.
~ Heraclio interrogating Sir Clorex while Lara got captured
For a knight, you think too much about riches. Ah, but of course! You must be one of those noblemen who give away their booty to the needy.
Now, I remember. Didn’t we meet at the battle of Burnt Wood
~ Heraclio asking Sir Clorex about meet battle at the Burnt Wood
~ Heraclio ordered his henchman to kill Sir Clorex
You’re blaming the wrong person for his death, you and I want the same thing! Fight by my side!
Fine! If you don't join my army, you will face it.
Alright, old man! Just you and me. Right here, right now!
~ Heraclio facing Blucher while kicking off the balcony and jumps down the balcony to fight
'Getting old'
Your bones never WERE too fond of the humility. I managed well.
You got rusty in your beautiful abbey.
It wasn’t supposed to end like this.
Blucher obviously didn't teach you all his tricks. Face it, you just don't have what it takes.
Don't get comfortable, boy. The throne is mine. Thanks, that also belongs to me. Tomorrow this land will have a new king, who won't let anything get in his WAY!
Everything that's happened is ALL your father's fault.
So why don't you come and get it?
Very honorable.
You move well. Just like him.
Wait, wait! I only want the return of the knights. You and me are alike. Join my cause. It's an honorable one.
So be it.
You had your chance, but now it's over, boy.
Erratic child. Poetic Justice.
Your father ruined my life, and now I'll ruin his. By killing you.''
How sweet. You clung to your grandfather's sword until the end. But now it has to return to me. And I will use it to kill your father.
You had your chance, but now it's over, boy. Poetic justice. Your father ruined my life, and now I'll ruin his, by killing you. How sweet. You clung to your grandfather's sword until the end. But now it has to return to me. And I will use it to kill your father. [Justin grabs the sword with his free hand] What?
~ Heraclio's last words.



  • Heraclio and Talia never interact with each other, yet the only thing she meets Heraclio on the balcony after the defeat of Sota.
  • Heraclio’s voice actor Mark Strong and Talia’s voice actres Saoirse Ronan both appeared together in The Way Back. They also appear in Arrietty, which both movies were animated.
  • Heraclio is violent towards Blucher plus he punches Blucher’s ribs causing him to cry out in pain and viciously, verbally, and psychically grabbing Blucher by the collar and shove him into the pole.
  • Heraclio is one of the second villains of Kandor Graphics, the first is Newmann from The Missing Lynx.
  • His voice actor Mark Strong and Melquiades’ actor David Walliams were both born in August
  • Heraclio stabbed Blucher, if you looked closely, you would see blood on the sword.
  • Heraclio throws dirt in Justin’s face several times.
  • Despite the billing in the poster, Heraclio and Melquiades never interact with each other.
  • During the battle scenes, Justin got a cut on his arm during the fight with Heraclio.
  • He is similar to Metal Beak from Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, Drago from How to Train Your Dragon 2, Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2 and even Nigel from Rio.
  • Despite this, he is total minutes of screen time
  • Heraclio shares similarities to Nigel from Rio.
    • Both swore revenge.
    • Both meet heroes (Nigel; Blu and Jewel, Heraclio; Justin and Talia.)
    • Both get defeated
  • Heraclio and Talia only interact with each other at one point on the balcony when Justin recognises him and Heraclio tells him to join him but Justin refuses because that’s what he planned to do.
  • His personality is reminiscent of Scar and Ruber.
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