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Heresy is an antagonistic monster encountered in The Evil Within, only in Chapter 12: The Ride. A giant arachnid-like beast hunts Sebastian, Joseph and Kidman on a bus through the ravaged Krimson City.


Despite it's size, the Heresy is only one individual who has completely lost his humanity within STEM. It hunts anyone it encounters and uses it's large size to it's advantage. Whilst it can easily crush people with its own legs and body, the Hersey can release it's own offspring that clings to and damages the player. It's best to shoot the head for optimum damags to the creature.

The Hersey seems based off an arachnid with it's mannerisms and when it was killed, fell on its back with it's legs upwards, something typical of a deceased spider to do.

The Evil Within

When Sebastian and Joseph commenders a school bus, the Heresy attacks them but Kidman is able to drive away in time. It eventually rips off the roof of the bus and a firefight occurs between the three protagonists, the Heresy uses its legs, violently rocks the bus back and forth and releases its hostile offspring but a sharp corner eventually allows the three to lose it. However, the Heresy catches up and another firefight ensures but when it gets the upper hand and has the oppurtunity to kill them all, it's hit by a bridge and the heavy impact kills the monster.

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