Remember, sir, you have your 3 o'clock with Mr. Norriss.
~ Herman informing Slattery about the incoming interview.

Herman is a supporting protagonist in the 2014 Marvel short film All Hail the King. He is an inmate who is a fan of Trevor Slattery and acts as his butler and bodyguard until the events of the short.

He was portrayed by Lester Speight.


Herman was arrested for an unknown crime he committed and was sent to Seagate Prison, alongside Slattery for his involvement with Aldrich Killian. Being aware that Slattery impersonated the infamous warlord Mandarin as part of Aldrich's plot, many inmates idolized Slattery for his actions, and Herman became his new butler and bodyguard, tasked in getting Slattery's lunch and protecting him from those who would threaten Slattery; he even saved Slattery from being beaten by an inmate named White Power Dave by gathering several inmates to help him out.

Herman also informed Slattery of an incoming documentary of a reporter named Jackson Norriss. Delighted by this, Slattery allowed Herman to attend the documentary as Norriss is trying to detail Slattery's life as a washed-up actor until the events, learning about Slattery's childhood and his role as a main character of a rejected TV pilot that aired on CBS. However, things changed when Norriss killed the guards by using a gun hidden inside his camera, much to both Slattery and Herman's shock. Norriss then revealed himself to be an assassin working for the Ten Rings, intending to kidnap and bring Slattery over to the real Mandarin for impersonating him. Herman tried to defend Slattery by attacking Norriss, but the latter just killed Herman by stabbing him in the neck, much to Slattery's shock.

Grabbing a gun from one of the dead guards, an angry Slattery intends to kill Norriss to avenge Herman's death. Unfortunately, Norriss quickly disarmed Slattery before bringing him over to the Mandarin as ordered.


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