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Looks like the spider caught himself a couple of flies.
~ Herman when he catches Chief Wiggum and Snake in his shop.

Herman Hermann is the owner of Herman's Military Antiques. He is a recurring character from TV Series "The Simpsons. He is also a member of the Preppers, a group appeared in the episode "Homer Goes to Prep School". Herman is a man without an arm who dresses in military fatigues, he is rude, threatening and would use his gun on occasion, even against unarmed people.

He is voiced by Harry Shearer.

Antagonistic Roles

  • In the episode "The Springfield Connection", he sold counterfeit jeans out of the Simpsons' garage, and held Homer hostage when he stumbled upon his job. He was foiled by Marge Simpson, though he was not put in jail because the evidence was stolen by the Springfield PD.
  • In the episode "22 Short Films About Springfield", he captured Chief Wiggum and Snake Jailbird and held them hostage, but was accidentally thwarted by Milhouse.
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